What are the benefits of performing Umrah?


Are you ready for this spiritual journey that will change your life? Performing Umrah is the mean for Muslims to purify their soul, deepen, and strengthen their faith, and gain rewards in both this world and the hereafter. Umrah can be performed at any time of the year, making it a convenient and meaningful experience for Muslims. Walk around the Kaaba and feel the weight of your sins at your shoulders. When the Muslims of the world perform Umrah together, they develop a sense of unity and community.

Those Muslims who show their devotion to Allah once is their life, then Allah gives them a chance to go to paradise. So, book your Umrah packages all-inclusive today with Islamic travel to perform Umrah with your loved ones. Umrah is an act of worship to Allah and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Umrah brings great rewards to the followers of Islam. Millions of Muslims around the world gather at the Kaaba to perform the rites of Umrah.

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Umrah benefits

Performing Umrah is a beloved Sunnah of Holy Prophet ﷺ that Muslims blesses one with the opportunity to strengthen their faith, pray for their needs and seek the forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Some Umrah benefits are discussed in the detail below:

Guest of Allah (SWT)

The blessing of Umrah gives a Muslims a wonderful opportunity to become a guest in the house of Allah. Umrah is one of the sacred acts of worship in Islam and this act of worship gives an opportunity to become a guest in the house of the creator of the entire universe. When a Muslim sincerely spends his time and money in obedience to Allah, Allah himself hosts his guests in his house. As soon as you enter Masjid-al- Haram, a strange sense of peace, Satisfaction, and cleanliness fills your heart and mind. This feeling enlivens the pilgrim’s soul and is blessed with the blessings of Allah. The guest of Allah (SWT) are three:

  • The Ghazi (the warrior who fights in jihad just for the sake of Allah)
  • The Hajji ( the  pilgrim who performs Hajj)
  • The Mu’tamir ( is one who performs the Umrah )

It is like a spiritual journey, you depart with uncountable blessings from Allah. His soul body and mind find strange peace, purity, cleanliness and contentment.

Rewards of doing Umrah during Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the prestigious months among all the months of the Islamic Calendar. It is importance is because of the Fasting. Muslims observe the fasting in this month to get great spiritual levels. According a Hadith of Holy Prophet (PBUH) which is narrated by Hazrat Ibn Abbas R.A, Umrah in the month of Ramadan is equivalent to the Hajj Pilgrimage. Hajj can performed in the month Dhul Hajja by booking the Hajj Packages from Islamic Travel or any other authentic agency in the United Kingdom. Equivalence of Umrah to the Hajj is in the terms of rewards but if a person have offered the Ramadan Umrah is also obligated to perform the Obligatory Hajj. Last ten days of Ramadan is so special for the pilgrims because in the last ten nights of Ramadan a night occurs which is better than one thousand nights according to Surah al Qadar.

Eliminating Poverty 

Umrah is not only a good spiritual experience but also a source of worldly blessings. When Hazrat Muhammad was asked about the benefits of Umrah he said: perform Hajj and Umrah consecutively, for they remove poverty and sins as hollers remove impurity from iron. Preforming for this spiritual journey will remove all your financial worries.  Performing Umrah by dedicating your time and money to please Almighty Allah, and in return Allah will increases your Rizq (sustenance) and blesses you with wealth.

No, one likes to live in poverty. Performing Umrah is a way to get rid of poverty. It is compulsory for Muslims who are physically and financially able to perform Umrah at any time of the year. Umrah is the best act of worship and how can it be that Allah Almighty does not give any benefit in return for performing this sacred act of worship. Allah Almighty benefits the pilgrims with health and wealth. Because they spend their wealth in seeking forgiveness and pleasing their Allah.

Opportunity to erase past mistakes  

We all make mistake and human beings are prone to mistake, and Umrah is an atonement for sins. Once you perform Umrah, your soul will be as pure as a newborn baby, and Allah promises to reward you, forgive your sins. He also grant you the highest place in Jannat (Paradise). Although, minor or major, its human nature to mistake. When Allah (SWT) invites a servant to perform Umrah, he gives him an opportunity to seek forgiveness for his sins and to gain closeness to Allah.

Deepens one’s devotion to Allah (SWT)  

It is very easy for faith to slip away from worldly pursuits, family and everything else. If you perform Umrah with sincere intentions, you will feel Allah with you at every step. In today fast paced world, a person commits mistakes and even without realizing these sins weakens his faith. In today’s era, we commit such mistakes that we do not even realize our faith gradually weakens. The Pilgrim who performs the Umrah with the pure intentions and full of his devotion to the Almighty his sins will be forgiven. What makes a Muslim special in this world and the hereafter is his faith.


Although there are few benefits of Umrah which we have explained in the above article but the rewards and benefits of Umrah are uncountable. The one who performs the Umrah Pilgrimage is the guest of Almighty Allah and Allah serves the man in an excellent manner and forgives its all the sins of past. Umrah which is done in the month of Ramadan is equivalent to the hajj pilgrimage according a hadith.

Performance of Umrah removes the poverty from the Society because Allah have guaranteed for the increased Rizq for the pilgrims. It is also a great opportunity to seek forgiveness from the Almighty Allah. It is a best source to seek the closeness of Almighty Allah. Umrah is beautiful Sunnah of Prophet ﷺ which have the above mentioned benefits and rewards. Many Travel agencies in the United Kingdom including Islamic Travel provides the opportunity to perform the Umrah Pilgrimage in an efficient manner. May Allah accept your Umrah Pilgrimage and our duas are always with you.

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