The Best Pregnancy & Personal Care Products to Stock this Winter


The months of winter are yet to arrive. But guess what; the highest demand for pregnancy products is in no other than months of June-August.

Products like Durex condoms, clearblue test and more are sold like hotcakes, and you can benefit from the increasing demand as a retailer!

Of course, giving your customers what they need at the right time will pay off, especially in this case.

Here are some of the bestselling personal care and pregnancy basics, and you can stock up before the summer arrives.

Top Selling Pregnancy Products NZ in 2024

  • ClearBlue Pregnancy Test

A reliable and accurate pregnancy test is required for each woman who fears she is pregnant. Clearblue provides a variety of pregnancy tests that yield unambiguous results, allowing pregnant moms to confirm their pregnancy with confidence.

  • Libra Wholesale

Along with the excitement of new life, some women may notice changes in their menstrual cycles. Stocking up on Libra Tampons Regular might be a thoughtful addition to your inventory, ensuring your clients’ comfort and convenience during their pregnancy.

  • Kentucky Jelly Lubricant

As couples prepare to establish or extend their kids, some may feel the need for more lubrication during intimate moments. KY Jelly Lubricant is a popular choice because of its efficiency and safety

  • Tampax Regular Tampons.

Tampax is a well-known brand for feminine hygiene products, and providing frequent tampons may be advantageous for women who prefer this alternative throughout their menstrual periods.

  • Durex condoms NZ

While many couples welcome the adventure of parenting, some may still seek contraception. Keeping Durex wholesale condoms on stock might help couples plan their pregnancy. They’re snug-fitting condoms that are fairly priced and are available in different sizes. You can also get dotted/flavoured/ribbed ones for maximising pleasure at your discretion.

  • Libra Tampons Regular

When it comes to providing maximum comfort and convenience throughout pregnancy, Libra Tampons Regular are a must-have for expecting moms. As a health product provider, stocking up on these high-quality tampons will not only meet your clients’ shifting demands, but also provide them with a product they can rely on. Stocking Libra Invisible Pads allows you to broaden your product line and adapt to the diverse interests of your target customer.


As winter comes and the excitement of new life rises, your business might become a go-to spot for expecting parents. Offering a varied selection of pregnancy needs ensures that your consumers have all they need to begin on this wonderful journey with confidence and comfort.

Remember that preparing ahead and stocking up on these in-demand items may provide your company a competitive advantage and allow you to satisfy your clients’ demands exactly when they need them.

As the warmer months approach, use this chance to make a difference in the lives of expecting parents, and watch your business thrive during this time of fresh beginnings.

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