Need for Speed No Limits APK 2023 With New Cars & Challenges


If you are looking for a blog post with the download link to the latest version of Need for Speed No Limits Game, then you are in the right spot. This blog post is for you. In this blog post, you can easily download Need for Speed No Limits APK Latest Version, for free. So explore the whole article for the best information about the Need for Speed No Limits Free game.

App Information:

App Name Need For Speed No Limits
Latest Version 6.8.1
Download Size 141 MB
Publisher showforapk
Category Racing
Price Free
Downloads 100 M+
Game Developer Firemonkeys Studios
Initial Release Date Sep 30,2015
Sporting Platforms Android & IOS

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What Is Need for Speed No Limits?

Need for Speed No Limits is a popular mobile racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts. As the title suggests, the game is all about speed and racing. Players can choose from a wide range of vehicles, including high-performance sports cars, and race through various tracks and challenges.

With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Need for Speed No Limits offers an adrenaline-fueled experience that puts players behind the wheel of some of the most sought-after cars in the world. The game features an extensive customization system that allows players to modify and upgrade their vehicles to increase their speed and performance on the track.

Whether you’re a seasoned racing game veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Need for Speed No Limits has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a fast-paced and exciting mobile game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then look no further than Need for Speed No Limits.

Need For Speed No Limits APK

What Is The Need for Speed APK?

Google Play Need for Speed No Limits APK is a high-octane racing game developed by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released in 2015 and is available on iOS and Android devices.

It features fast-paced street racing action, various Need for Speed No Limits Cars, and numerous customization options to make each car unique. With stunning graphics and intuitive controls, it offers an immersive and adrenaline-fueled experience for racing fans.


The game is set in the underground world of illegal street racing, where players take on the role of a new racer looking to make a name for themselves. Players start with a basic car and must race their way through different events, challenges, and tournaments to earn cash and reputation points to progress to higher levels.

The game’s controls are simple and intuitive, with players using on-screen buttons to accelerate, brake, and steer their vehicles. Players can also perform drifts and nitro boosts to gain an advantage over their opponents.

Need For Speed No Limits APK

As players progress through the game, they will unlock new cars, customization options, and upgrades. There are various modes of play, including story-based campaigns, special events, and multiplayer races where players can compete against each other online. Need for Speed No Limits also features a variety of race types, including sprint races, time trials, and drag races. The game’s tracks are set in various locations, including city streets, industrial areas, and desert highways, and are designed to challenge players’ driving skills.

Overall, the gameplay in Need for Speed No Limits is fast-paced, exciting, and highly addictive. The game’s blend of arcade-style racing and customization options make it a top choice for mobile gamers who love the thrill of high-speed racing.

Need for Speed No Limits APK Android Features

1. Wide selection of cars

Need for Speed No Limits features an extensive range of cars to choose from, each with its own unique stats, handling, and personality. From classic muscle cars to sleek sports cars, players can unlock and upgrade over 40 different vehicles. Some of the most popular cars include the Lamborghini Huracán, the BMW M4, and the Nissan GT-R.

Need For Speed No Limits APK

2. Extensive customization options

One of the highlights of Need for Speed No Limits is the ability to customize your car. From paint jobs to decals to performance upgrades, players can personalize their vehicles to suit their style and preferences. There are hundreds of customization options available, allowing you to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind ride.

3. Immersive graphics

The game boasts stunning graphics and visual effects, with detailed car models, realistic environments, and impressive special effects. The dynamic lighting and particle effects add to the immersion and create an intense racing experience.

Need For Speed No Limits APK

4. Story-based campaign

Need for Speed No Limits features a story-based campaign mode that takes players through a series of races and challenges. The story follows the player’s journey as they rise up through the underground racing scene, facing off against rival crews and earning respect along the way.

5. Special events

In addition to the campaign mode, the game also features a variety of special events and tournaments that offer unique challenges and rewards. These events are time-limited and provide players with a chance to earn rare and exclusive cars, parts, and other rewards.

6. Multiplayer races

Need for Speed No Limits allows players to compete against each other in real-time multiplayer races. This feature adds an extra level of excitement and competitiveness to the game, as players can show off their skills and compete for bragging rights.

Need For Speed No Limits APK

7. Easy-to-learn controls

The game’s controls are simple and intuitive, with on-screen buttons for acceleration, braking, and steering. Players can also perform drifts and nitro boosts to gain an edge over their opponents. The easy-to-learn controls make the game accessible to players of all skill levels.

8. Regular updates

The game is regularly updated with new cars, events, and features to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. These updates also address any bugs or issues and improve the overall performance of the game.

Downloading & Installation Guide For Android APK

Download Requirements For Android:

  • 4GB of RAM 
  • Secure Internet Connection
  • 141 MB free storage 
  • Unknown Sources Must Be Enabled

Enable Unknown Sources:

  • First, go to your Android Settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Sources.
  • Here enable the Unknown Sources by clicking on the Enable option.

Download & Installation Process:

  • Hit the download button above in this blog post and wait for the downloading process.
  • After downloading, click the install button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After the installation, click “Done” and enjoy the Need for Speed No Limits New Version on your Android mobile.

Need for Speed No Limits APK Review

Fans of Need for Speed No Limits have been raving about the game since its release in 2015. Many have praised the game’s impressive graphics and immersive gameplay, with one reviewer stating that “the racing in this game feels incredibly real.”

Another reviewer praised the game’s extensive customization options, saying, “I love how much I can personalize my cars in this game. It makes them feel like they’re mine”.

Need For Speed No Limits APK

The game’s challenging opponents and exciting race modes have also received praise from fans, with one reviewer stating that “each race feels like a new challenge, and I love the variety of race modes that the game offers.” The game’s frequent updates and special events keep fans excited to continue playing.

In short, Need for Speed No Limits fans have consistently praised the game’s thrilling racing experience, stunning visuals, and extensive customization options. With a dedicated fanbase and continued support from the developers, it’s clear that this game has left a lasting impression on the mobile racing game scene.

Need for Speed No Limits Tips

Here are some tips on playing the Need For Speed No Limits APK + OBB:

Save your gold: Gold is the premium currency in the game and can be used to buy cars, upgrade them, and refill gas. Save your gold for special events and use it wisely.

Focus on one car: It’s better to focus on one car and upgrade it to its full potential than to have multiple underpowered cars. Pick a car that suits your racing style and invest in it.

Play daily events: Daily events are a great way to earn rewards, including blueprints, cash, and gold. Play them daily to earn these rewards and level up faster.


Tune your car: Use the tuning system to adjust your car’s performance to different race types. Tuning can help you win races and unlock new events.

Learn the tracks: Each track has its unique challenges and shortcuts. Learn the tracks and use them to gain an edge over your opponents.

Join a crew: Joining a crew can provide you with additional rewards and bonuses. Find a crew that suits your playstyle and participate in their events.

Upgrade your parts: Upgrading your car’s parts, such as the engine, transmission, and nitrous, can significantly improve its performance. Invest in upgrading these parts to stay competitive in races.

Don’t forget about visuals: Visual upgrades may not affect your car’s performance, but they can help you stand out in races and events. Don’t forget to customize your car’s look to your liking.

Need for Speed No Limits Visual Points

Earning Visual Points is a critical aspect. Players earn them by customizing their cars with visual upgrades such as decals, paint jobs, and rims. Visual Points can unlock additional customization options, giving players more control over the look of their vehicles.

Visual Points

Need for Speed No Limits How To Get Visual Points

To earn Visual Points in Need for Speed No Limits:

  • Players need to customize their cars with various visual upgrades. These upgrades include paint jobs, decals, rims, and other visual modifications.
  • As players complete races and progress through the game, they earn cash and gold that can be used to purchase these upgrades.
  • Once the upgrades are installed, players can earn additional Visual Points by winning races, completing special events, and competing in time-limited events.
  • The more Visual Points earned, the more customization options become available.
  • This thing allows players to create unique and personalized vehicles.

Need for Speed No Limits Car List

Need for Speed No Limits features a wide variety of cars to unlock and customize. Here is a list of some of the cars available in the game:

Car List
  • Acura NSX
  • BMW M4
  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  • Dodge Challenger SRT8
  • Ferrari LaFerrari
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Lamborghini Huracán
  • McLaren 650S
  • Nissan GT-R
  • Porsche 911 Carrera S
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Toyota Supra
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI

It is just a small selection of the cars in the game, as there are many more to unlock and customize. Players can also earn blueprints and upgrade parts for these cars to increase their performance and compete in higher-level races.

Need for Speed No Limits Special Events List

  • Blackridge Rivals
  • Fastlane
  • Breakout
  • Proving Grounds
  • Underground Rivals
  • Devil’s Run
  • Car Series
  • Special Events
  • Flashback Events
  • Grand Prix
  • Car Hunt
  • Special Events Rerun
  • Fast Lane
  • Syndicate
  • Championship
  • Blackridge Spirit Festival
  • Lunar New Year
  • Blackridge Royale
  • Proving Grounds Rerun
  • Muscle Car Madness


Need for Speed No Limits APK OBB offers a thrilling racing experience with various cars, extensive customization options, and multiple challenging race modes. The game’s stunning graphics, intuitive controls, engaging storyline, regular updates, and special events keep players engaged and returning for more.

With the ability to earn cash and gold, daily login rewards, and social leaderboard integration, Need for Speed No Limits provides a complete and immersive racing experience that will surely please fans of the series and racing enthusiasts alike.

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