MovieBox For Pc & Mac Install MovieBox pro On Firestick


As you may already be aware, MovieBox is a renowned app for all Android smartphones and Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). However, MovieBox for PC, MacBooks, and Firestick devices. Movie Box is compatible with Mac, Windows [10, 11 Pro], and Firestick devices. Here is all you need to know regarding the downloading and installation process for MovieBox mac,[PC] & MovieBox Firestick 2021 & 2022.

This blog article will provide you with information on:

  1. MovieBox [Firestick] installation process
  2. MovieBox pro [PCs & Macbook] installation process

What Is MovieBox Pro

When it comes to streaming the newest films, TV series, music, videos, and other Content, Moviebox is a well-liked software. Many new HD movies and TV series are regularly added to the Moviebox apk. Your favorite movies are available for download and on-demand with MovieBox on Firestick.

Due to its complete freeness, many users’ default program is The Moviebox for [PC & Macbook]. Let’s see how to set up Moviebox on [Firestick, PCs & Macbooks] in part after this.

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MovieBox PCs, Macbook & Firestick [Features 2023]

  • The app is free to use on all devices
  • No subscription is required on all devices
  • Buffer Free Streamings
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • You can Bookmark your favorite Content
  • You can download your favorite Movies For Offline Use
  • HD Quality Movies and Tv shows
  • You can share Content with other social media platforms
  • You can review notifications
  • You can get the newest updates
  • App gets regular updates

1. Download MovieBox PC/ MovieBox For Mac


[Both {MovieBox for free PC & MovieBox for Mac laptop} have the same installation method]

You must utilize an Android emulator on your [PC & Macbook] to download MovieBox for Windows 10,8,7 & download MovieBox for Macbook. In addition to the installation instructions for MovieBox for PC/Mac that are provided below, we will also be installing the renowned Nox App Player here.

1: install Nox Player (Emulator)

  • Open your chrome Browser and search “Nox Player.”
  • From the official website of Nox player, download it.
  • After downloading. Allow it for installation, and it will take a while.
  • After its installation, it will open on your [pc & Macbook] home screen.

2: Download & Install Moviebox on pc and MacBook

  1. Download MovieBox for PC/Mac on your device via the Download option provided on this website after downloading Nox Player.
  2. Click Right on the MovieBox APK file you downloaded, and click the “open with the Nox Player” option.
  3. The MovieBox for Mac/Windows installation will begin on your computer with Nox Android.
  4. After the installation is complete, launch the MovieBox HD program on your computer to start enjoying your preferred films and TV shows.

2. How to Install Moviebox Firestick

1: Enable The Unknown Sources On FireStick

  • Open Your Firestick Device.
  • Go to “Settings” and “My Fire TV” on your Firestick.
  • Next, choose “Developer options.”
  • Enable Unknown Sources. A pop-up warning notice displays. “Choose ON.”

2: Download The “Downloader App.”

  • Return to the Firestick’s home screen and choose “Find” and “Search” from the menu.
  • Search for a downloader app here and download yellow colored Downloader application.
  • After downloading, permit it to install and then launch it.

3: Install MovieBox On Firestick Now

  • You are now on the downloader app’s main page.
  • In the URL field, paste the download link for the Moviebox APK File (, then press Go.
  • After the program has finished downloading, click Next to continue.
  • To begin the installation, click Install.
  • Click Open when you receive the notification for the newly installed app.


The appeal of the Moviebox Pro technology lies in this. When people least expect it, developers pleasantly surprise them with innovation. We may anticipate more competition if Moviebox Pro PC is available independently. It will serve as an example for other movie apps. Thousands of movies and TV series may now be watched or downloaded directly from your desktop without intermediary software, so say goodbye to emulators.


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