Monster shooter Mod Apk [Lost Levels-Platinum] Android 2023


The premium version of Monster Shooter mod apk, which has all-new, exclusive features and content, is entirely ad-free and ranks as one of the finest dual-stick shooter games for mobile devices ever! Save the cat by surviving enormous waves of attackers. Find everything you need in the fully stocked armory to destroy invaders.

Upgrade your arsenal for even more carnage. Utilize perks and support items to enhance your playing style. In Survival Mode, challenge your buddies to outperform your record. This and other factors will ensure you have access to the most thrilling mobile gaming for many hours.

App Information:

App Name Monster shooter mod
Latest Version 1.0.46
Download Size 170 MB
Check all unlock games MODs
Price Free
File Info Unlocked

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What Is a Monster Shooter?

In the third-person action game Monster Shooter, you take control of a monster hitman on a quest to save his kitten, during which you must battle countless swarms of creatures from various worlds.

Monster shooter

Your eccentric hero will have to fend against hundreds of different adversaries during the games, with more than fifty missions spread over three quite diverse worlds. Luckily, you have a wide variety of weapons and skills at your disposal that you may use to conquer and level up your character.

Monster Shooter Features 2023

1. Many Bosses fight

The game’s bosses are the height of fun since they always have the most bizarre attack patterns and appear in various unusual forms.

After winning fights they had never before been successful in, gamers will have fresh adventures and endless amusement. There are numerous exceptional qualities for players to develop, and the boss rewards are equally plentiful.

Monster shooter

2. Excellent Operation for Fun

The player’s trip will be a lengthy campaign with a limitless variety of stuff to keep everyone entertained. That incorporates brand-new enemies, tools, and components to mix up everyone’s assault strategies or open up fresh advancements for additional amusement. Additionally, sidequests may be added to the campaign to branch it out further and liven things up quickly.

Monster shooter mod apk

3. Enjoyable Skill, Get a Source Of Power

Power-ups are unique items that may briefly increase strength during combat and can be combined. The player’s capacity to manage events must continually vary to keep up with the momentum due to their extensive usage and entirely random drop while defeating foes. Several new power-ups only come on exceptional occasions, but their results are exciting.

4. Many Heroes and Villains With Starships

Another intriguing component that promises to provide players with extra amusement while engaging in combat in many distinct environments is the range of characters or ships. Instead of sticking with the same concept, each spaceship also has a variety of thrilling abilities or effects that alter its battle performance under specific conditions. Players can also acquire additional spacecraft through occasions or pursuits in their careers.

Monster Shooter mod Apk Lost Levels [Latest Changings]

  • Start a never-ending quest through the infinite cosmos and defeat other aliens for pleasure to get new resources.
  • Players may gather and modify a large number of spacecraft with incredible features and effects using a new armory.
  • Players can use sizable weaponry with intricate abilities to battle certain foes in their spacecraft.
  • Players are enthralled by a captivating event system with excellent material and exhilarating activities as they advance.
  • Encounters several bosses with terrifying looks and powerful assaults while obtaining their distinctive prizes for growth.

Monster Shooter Platinum Mod Apk [Modded Features]

  • With much cash, crystal
  • completed a lengthy lesson that was essential.
  • Unlocked premium features; no adverts
  • With no ad viewing, earn rewards.
  • Actual money purchases made for nothing.

Download Game Monster Shooter Mod Apk [For Android]

  • If you already have the Monster Shooter mod apk installed, uninstall it.
  • Download Monster Shooter Mod APK from the download button after that.
  • You must locate the apk file and install it when the download is complete.
  • To install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, you must activate “Unknown sources.”
  • The Monster Shooter: Lost Levels is then ready for you to open and play.


Monster Shooter Mod Apk Modded Version is the best way to enjoy the game’s premium features for free. With this mod version, you can enjoy the game without advertisement, earn unlimited cash, and win limitless prizes. It is safe and secure to use on any device. So download the mod apk now and enjoy the game with its free premium features. All the user can easily install the Monster shooter Mod Apk for new and old version.

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