Merge Dragons Challenge 24: Grimshire 7 Full Guide 2023


A unique prize is offered when you defeat a dragon at a challenge level! Yet, some are challenging because you must beat a strict timer. This tutorial will help you complete Merge Dragons challenge 24 without sticking your fingers up your nose.

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What is Merge Dragons Challenge 24

The fourth level of Merge Dragons Challenge 24 is a return to the earlier, simpler levels you have played. It is a simple level often referred to as Grimshire 7. When you arrive here, you can be extremely well prepared for a challenging level because it appears at Level 163, but you will receive something else.

On this level, many individuals waste time attempting to be smarter than they are, but it is less necessary. To make it work, you must exercise caution and make wise decisions when making your movements. Please be cautious and avoid any stupid blunders at all costs.

Merge Dragons Challenge 24

Three diagonally formed islands joined by dead land in the middle are on the level. This dead land will be restored by combining things with identical objects on the dead land; it won’t need any additional treatment. The magic will take care of the rest so that your life is level. This level’s chalice price is quite low because of the lack of difficulty. To tackle the level, you will need to spend one chalice. That does not imply that you must throw away a chalice in this instance. Use your wits to do the tasks, collect the awards, and maximize the value of your chalice.

Merge Dragons Challenge 24 Step-By-Step Guide

First Step: Care the flowers of life

  1. Combining the herbs of the Emerald Plains to produce a Flower of Life shoot.
  2. Combine the Flower of Life shot with the 2 in the middle portion to produce a Flower of Life.
  3. To get a blue Flower of Life, combine the Flower of Life with the two on the left section.
  4. To create a vibrant Flower of Life, combine the blue Flower of Life with the two on the far right.
  5. To create a twin Flower of Life, combine this glowing Flower of Life with the free ones in the center of the screen. Start the healing spreader and gather the dragon egg nest.

Second Step: Get all the possible life orbs

  1. Combine the eggs you’ve collected to get the game’s icons, dragons. Combined dragons!
  2. Gather the blossoms of life, then combine the orbs to create two tiny Orbs of Life.
  3. To create an Orb of Life, combine these two orbs with the right-hand Orb on the dead land.
  4. Gather more little life orbs from flowers to obtain a life orb and heal the statue on the left.
Merge Dragons Challenge 24

Third Step: Complete with the fruit trees

  1. Do the same treatment to the four leaves in the middle; take the four leaves and combine them with the one in the completely dead-land region on the right. To get two young fruit trees, you absolutely must combine all five at once;
  2. To make room in front of the last statue, the one in the middle, combine the two young fruit plants with the one in the middle portion;
  3. To combine the left and right statues with the center one and create a repaired Statue of Gaia, move the left and right sculptures into the center.
Merge Dragons Challenge 24

Merge Dragons Challenge 24 Tips

  • Be prepared to try several times. To develop muscle memory, you should challenge 24 again.
  • The key to this problem is multitasking. Due to time constraints, you must multitask well.
  • This enormous level frustrates a lot of individuals. Just proceed incrementally. Just be aware of your next step since there is a lot of back-and-forth merging.

Remember that the time restriction may make the challenge difficult. Do your best to continue, and don’t give up. The more consistently you play, the better you get!

Possible Rewards!

  • Dragon tree seeds
  • Roc Egg
  • ¬†Deathly hallow tree
  • ¬†and a lot more.

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After this level, you also get to receive some pretty awesome gifts. These gifts include Deathly Hallow tree seeds, Roc eggs, Dragon tree seeds, and many others. This guide to the Merge Dragons Challenge 24 final win is intended to assist you in overcoming the challenge’s three levels of difficulty.


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