Merge Dragons Challenge 22: Fjord 14 Full Guide 2023


The Merge Dragons challenge 22 is the longest one. On dead earth, you can enjoy a lot of merging. But if you stick to this advice, you’ll be successful in every task at this level. This blog article will provide a merge dragons challenge 22 step-by-step guides. For the merge dragons challenge final win., follow the instructions in their entirety.

The order of the stages in Merge Dragon might make it appear more varied. But happily, there is a difficulty level sometimes to spice up the experience! These problems are more intricate and have three levels of difficulty. The goal was fighting against the clock while using exact combinations to accomplish the side’s goals. Special prizes and dragons to assist you in your base camp are the payoffs for your work.

What Is Merge Dragons Challenge 22

One of the toughest stages in the whole game is Challenge Level 22, also known as Fjord 14. In addition to the level’s length, a timer will put players under pressure the entire time.

Merge Dragons Challenge 22

Fjord 14 is mostly challenging since so much multitasking is required. It will be necessary for players to accomplish several different goals at once, which is always complex. Moreover, a mistake might make the level impossible to complete. This finally implies that all of your efforts are for naught, and you must start from scratch.

How To Beat Challenge 22 On Merge Dragons

You are opening the store during the challenge level as a helpful approach to catching your breath and keeping track of where the different things are located. Also, you have to move things far. Move the map, click the vacant space, and then drag the object to the appropriate spot.

Merge Dragons Challenge 22

Stage 1:

  • To obtain Prism Flower Shoot, combine the three Prism Flower Seeds on the island in the upper left.
  • To combine the Prism Flower Shoots with the Dead Ground one and obtain the Prism Flower Bud, move the Prism Flower Shoots to the upper right.
  • “Take the grass clump in the bottom right corner and place it on the island in the top left.” Combine the two on the barren island.
  • Treat the grass clump on the island similarly to the other two clumps of grass on the wasteland.
  • To get two Great Grasses, combine the two Sods you’ve acquired in groups of five with the three Sods already on the Dead Land in the upper right.
  • To acquire a Marsh Grass, take them and combine them with the one on the Dead Land in the bottom right corner.
  • To create a Tall Grass, take the two Marsh Grasses that are there and combine them at the bottom left with the one on the barren area.
Merge Dragons Challenge 22

Step 2:

  • Employ the Healing Expander that is produced.
  • To collect eggs and hatch them, click on the dragon’s nests.
  • Carry the Tall Grass from the main island to the Dead Land to combine with the two.
  • Using the Healing Expander accesses the three Zomblin Caves.
  • To receive fresh Graves, summon at least four Zomblins by tapping on the caverns (at least four).
  • Move the Prism Flower Bud to the left once the caverns are demolished. Combine it with the ones already existing in the Dead Land on the island to the left. After that, a Tanzanite Plains Grass and two new Zomblin Caves will become accessible.
  • Combine the two on the lifeless terrain below with the Tanzanite Plains Grass. By doing so, two additional caverns and a mushroom cap are accessible, as well as a new Healing Expander.

Step 3:

  • Merge with those on the dead land by taking the mushroom caps from the top of the main island.
  • To repair the nearby Water Puddle square, gather the Prism Flower you got at the beginning and its Life Orbs.
  • Utilize the two graves on the main island’s bottom to combine the four Fresh Graves into TWO distinct groupings. To make two new Puddles, this releases two new Healing Expanders. To create a newborn puddle, combine them with the third puddle.
  • To combine it with the other five on the main island in the Dead Land, pick it up at the upper right corner of the island. The final Healing Expander is now accessible. You can then get to the three Gaia Statues that were destroyed.
  • Combine them to complete the level and receive a repaired Statue of Gaia.

I’m done now! With the help of this tutorial, you should be able to finish all three stages of the 22 Merge Dragons task. Please feel free to go to the list of all our Merge Dragons tutorials if you run into difficulties with any other levels. to increase your dragon count and advance in the game!

Merge Dragons Challenge 22

Merge Dragons Challenge 22 Rewards

  • Dragon Tree Sapling.
  • Dragon Tree Seeds.
  • Golem Dragon Eggs.

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