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If you are looking for a blog post that provides the download link to the latest version of Major Mayhem 2, then you are in the right spot. This blog post is for you. For free, you can easily download Major Mayhem 2 APK Latest version in this blog post. So explore the whole article to get the best information about the Major Mayhem 2 game.

App Information:

App Name Major Mayhem 2
Latest Version 1.203.2022040712
Download Size 84 MB
Publisher showforapk
Category Action
Price Free
Downloads 10M+
Game Developers Rocket Jump Technology
Release Date Apr 22, 2018
Sporting Devices Android & iOS

What Is Major Mayhem 2

In the action game Major Mayhem 2 Apk, you take on the role of the Captain, a real-life American warrior, and must work alone to thwart the Bad Evil Corporation’s evil schemes. The control scheme for Major Mayhem 2 apk is quite straightforward: touch the screen to discharge your weapon. I’m done now.

Kill all the opponents on the screen with this straightforward control scheme, but be aware that your hero will always run for shelter while you’re not firing. As your hero runs, you may occasionally jump by swiping up on the screen.

Major Mayhem 2


You may experience the excitement of cover-up action gameplay in Major Mayhem 2, which has a creative premise and a compelling campaign structure. When you engage in the greatest conflicts with the hero character, you will also have a wide range of specific challenges and premium material for limitless entertainment.

Major Mayhem Features 

1. Updated Version

Major Mayhem 2 has introduced fantastic features to aid the player’s conflict and avoid constraining anything within the framework. Opening the regular survival mode will give you more enjoyment. Therefore you must log in daily and complete the given chores. More competitions and rankings will be built to honour your accomplishments. Having fun is not restricted after the offline feature has been upgraded. Explore more than 150 distinct objectives to get free goodies!

2. Action-Packed Gameplay

Each level in the game moves rapidly and with a lot of stress, as you must eliminate attackers rapidly while making good use of cover. This is why the game uses a touch-only control scheme so that you may demonstrate remarkable accuracy while eliminating all adversaries. The way the narrative is set up is humorous and full of different occasions that might help you uncover new doors. Have fun finishing tasks and meeting every difficulty head-on.

Major Mayhem 2

3. Dozens Of Epic Weapons

The gun is a gathering that is cherished and given a lot of heart in the Major Mayhem 2 weapon distribution system. We designed a menu with over 20 weapons, each with special warheads and damage.

Moreover, when you gain ownership, you may enhance them to do more harm, fight harder, and have more attractive exteriors. Explore the collection for other pistols, rifles, and more weapons.

Major Mayhem 2

The weapon will be your ally in any mission, unlocking several settings. You must survive in modes like survival mode, and the level of competition is based on the number of leaderboard ranks. Offline mode will be simpler for individuals just beginning with thefts or small-scale street battles. Use a sniper rifle to maximize pleasure. Ever given it a shot? Win the thrilling journey by eliminating your foes!

4. Multiple Maps

The game aims to stop the enemy from creating terrible plans that will negatively impact the globe. Thus you must travel and fulfil all tasks. As a result, you may take on the most challenging difficulties and finish the vacation swiftly by playing the game’s multiple missions in many different places or nations. Interestingly, every campaign has a unique approach to developing vibrant and engaging maps, such as designing the most intricate level chains to entertain you with exciting action.

Major Mayhem 2

5. Multiple Shootouts 

You only need one finger and a straightforward gaming technique to accomplish a level. Your job is to take out the targets on the other side and use the cover to evade bullets that might be deadly. In this game, accuracy is the sole criterion, and you’ll have plenty of chances to show yourself creatively. During the fighting, you must also destroy surrounding explosives or rockets by striking them with a fast occasion.

6. Customization Of Weapons 

Instead of utilizingutilizing a subpar handgun, weapons might let you kill adversaries more rapidly or efficiently. As the campaign continues, additional weapons will eventually become available, giving you more alternatives or strategies to defeat every adversary as effectively as possible. In addition, many weapons have ammo caps for each level, gradually introducing new difficulties for storing ammo and finishing the level as soon as possible before being killed.

7. Daily Competitions

One of the best things you can do to develop yourself or earn more money so you may advance in your job is to take on daily challenges. Several challenges have original and inventive designs that give you additional possibilities for completing tasks and earning prizes depending on individual accomplishments. If you complete the daily objectives successfully, several awards will become available, giving you access to more thrilling levels and experiences.

8. Fight With Epic Bosses

The boss levels, which include protracted and deadly encounters against formidable foes, are the game’s finest feature for everyone. Most bosses are also artistically created, and they alter your feelings while you fight them, giving you a richer experience. Boss battles are usually dramatic action scenes when you may immerse yourself in sight blasts and execute creative shots because you can only sometimes use the cover.

Major Mayhem 2

Downloading and Installation Guide For Android

Download Requirements For Android

  • 4GB of RAM 
  • Secure Internet Connection
  • 84 MB free storage 
  • Unknown Sources Must Be Enabled

Enable Unknown Sources

  •  First, Go to your Android Settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Sources.
  • Here Enable the Unknown Sources by clicking on the Enable option.

Download & Installation Process:

  • Hit the download button above in this blog post and wait for the downloading process.
  • After downloading, click the install button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After the installation, Click Done and enjoy the Major mayhem 2 latest Version on your android.


Android phones running 23 API and higher may download and install the Teen-rated Major Mayhem 2 apk. The Dark Forces have returned! Your romantic retreat has been cruelly interrupted by Mr Evil’s cunning minions! It’s time to exact severe prejudice in your retaliation. In a quest fit for only Major Mayhem, blast your way through a posse of evil men, avoid bullets, and travel to and from the moon. So stop what you’re doing, grab your largest firearm, and press the autofire button. That affects both the world and your romantic life. You can play the complete game for free while offline if you use offline play.


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