Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk Free Download Android [weapons List]


Now, you might ask yourself, What improvements and advantages will I receive with the Major Mehyam Mod apk? This is a fair question. If you own the original Major Mayhem 2, you can run into issues like running out of coins and money to buy stuff. The profitable information is that if you get Major Mayhem 2 APK from our website, you will receive everything for nothing.

App Information:

App Name Major Mayhem 2 mod
Latest Version 1.203.2022040712
Download Size 84 MB
Check All unlock Games MODs
Price Free
File Info Unlocked

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What Is Major Mayhem 2

In the action-packed cartoon game Major Mayhem 2, you must use your talents to eliminate every criminal. Famous video game developer and publisher Rocket Jump Company are behind this game. Even though the game was published a while ago, each month sees an increase in the number of users.

Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk

This game will undoubtedly be included in the list of top Shooting and action games for Android. Although this game is classified as a role-playing game, the gameplay will appear more like a blend of an action and cartoon game. I spent two months playing this game, which was incredible.

Major Mayhem 2 Mod + Apk (gameplay)

1. Skills Improved Through With a Modified Edition

Major Mayhem 2 mod apk has introduced fantastic features to aid the player’s conflict and avoid constraining anything within the framework.

Opening the daily survival mode will give you more enjoyment. Therefore you must log in daily and complete the assigned chores. Other competitions and rankings will be built to honor your accomplishments. Having fun is unrestricted after the offline feature has been upgraded. Explore more than 150 distinct objectives to get free goodies.

2. Also, Get Released Characteristics

 Players will encounter hundreds of unique foes from around the world in the exciting environment that Major Mayhem 2 apk offers. They will ambush you anytime to kill you on various unusual terrain.

You must safeguard captives in more than 200 orders from ominous threats, so pay care. Explore more than 50 levels to increase your skillset and become comfortable with the environment. They will gather all of their strong soldiers to fight you after five encounters against the boss.

3. An Option to Awaken Individual Mind

A great game for exploring new places and discoveries is Major Mayhem 2. You may still battle and work harder to get away from the pursuer in more than five well-known areas worldwide, such as a city, a jungle, or a volcano exploding. Players must finish the tasks that are ready in the mailbox to get the special mission badges.

We look forward to seeing you in this thrilling action series.

4. A series of crocodile guns must be unlocked

The cannon is a cherished stockpile and has given a lot of heart to the Major Mayhem 2 weapon supply system. We designed a menu with over 20 weapons with special warheads and damage.

Additionally, when you gain ownership, you may enhance them to do more harm, fight harder, and have more attractive exteriors. Explore the collection for additional guns, weapons, and more weapons.

Major Mayhem 2 (Key Features)

In the popular arcade shooting game Major Mayhem 2, you may participate in many missions to free hostages. This game has a tonne of different game types and weaponry. The features include:

1. Get Original action

Nowadays, there is a tonne of games that include Shooting. Games like PUBG and COD flourish in the battle royale genre, which is the most popular. But you’ll adore this one if you’re seeking a traditional shooting game to become addicted to! The sequel to the hugely popular game of the same name is Major Mayhem 2. You can carry out operations to free prisoners in this area. But unlike many current games, this one is presented in a vintage arcade setting with intriguing surprises. Overall, this game is unique compared to everything else you’ve played.

2. Get A wide variety of weapons

There is a tonne of different weapons to pick from in this game. Several weapons include handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and bazookas. There are seven different sorts of guns, each with a unique characteristic. Use them with caution and in the appropriate circumstances. You decide what to carry on each assignment.

Major Mayhem 2

3. Complete Numerous missions

There are five action-packed, vibrant chapters in Major Mayhem 2! There are several tasks throughout each chapter, for a total of 150. You get to battle five major bosses after each chapter! In addition, you may accomplish 150 mini-mission goals to get access to additional goodies. The plot is as entertaining and playful as it possibly can be.

4. Enjoy the Fantastic graphics

With 2D gameplay, this game revives the feel of the old arcades. This game is incredibly intriguing because of the scenery and character designs. Even though it’s an arcade game, the 3D features make it incredible.

5. Best Controller

You may also effortlessly and smoothly control your character in this game. You need only move your character forward but backward in this situation. Additionally, while you are not shooting, it automatically conceals.

  • Discover a unique arsenal of many more than 30 different weapons and improve them as you can.
  • As threatening does pursue you, run and engage them in combat.
  • You can unlock additional trophies in other environments, such as the jungle, ice, or lava.
  • To polish your outstanding leaderboard, try out several modes.
  • Complete more than 50 levels to free every hostage that is being kept.
Major Mayhem 2

This offers to be the most spectacular pleasure thanks to the combination of the dynamic graphics system and the emergence of engaging activities. Additionally, some music will make your race more dramatic. Open your inventory and look at the mission medal collection before you start. Does the group still need to arrive? Let’s gather them up! Despite being a straightforward adventure game, it is beneficial for experienced shooters. To take out adversaries, aim and shoot precisely.

Game major mayhem 2 [Modded Features]

  • Gold and money in plenty.
  • Numerous Diamonds.
  • Anything may be bought for no cost.
  • Devices do not require rooting.
  • No cost to download at all.
  • A safe usage.
  • Supported across all platforms.

Major Mayhem Mod Apk [Installation Guide]

  • Have you previously played this game? If so, remove it first before moving on to the next stage.
  • Have you installed any other apks before? If not, keep the “Unknown Sources” option in Settings > Security.
  • Click the link above to get the Major Mayhem 2 MOD APK.
  • Installing the game on your phone
  • Allow any rights that the game requests, such as media access.
  • Start the game, then enjoy it.


Become the finest specialized soldier who can defend his fiancée and eliminate all his foes. Anyone who likes action games with high-quality graphics should download Major Mayhem 2, perhaps the finest Clash of clans mod apk. Don’t forget to share the game with your friends since it’s only fun to play with others. Also, keep checking out our site [] for far more fun like this, and leave a comment if you want assistance.

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