Island War APK download for Android 4.6.3 Army Camp Levels


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Island War Game Information:

App Name Island War
Latest Version 4.6.3
Download Size 650 MB
Publisher showforapk
Category Action
Price Free
Downloads 10 M+
Game Developers Fastone Games HK
Initial Release Date August 1999
Sporting Platforms Android

What Is Island War?

Island War is an extremely addicting strategy game in which you are tasked with commanding an entire army in order to subjugate the islands.

In this action-packed adventure, the earth has been shattered into several landmasses in the ocean, and your goal is to amass the greatest number of these islands so that you may establish a successful nation. Keep track of your deck of cards and recruit the most capable soldiers to take on your opponents’ neighbors and protect yourself from their assaults.

Island War Game

What Is The Island War APK?

Island War is a strategic game that takes place on a deserted island. In this game, players must build their base, gather resources, and defend themselves from other players. The game’s main objective is to expand your territory and defeat your opponents. Island War is playable on multiple devices and is popular among gamers who enjoy strategic gameplay.


Island War begins with players landing on a deserted island. They have to start from scratch by building their base, gathering resources such as wood, stone, and food, and defending themselves from other players on the Island.

Players can upgrade their base and unlock new weapons and defenses as they progress. Players can also form alliances with other players to increase their chances of winning.

Island War Game

The game ends when one player or alliance dominates the Island and eliminates all other players. The gameplay of Island War requires strategic planning, resource management, and tactical skills. The game is challenging and requires players to be constantly on their toes to stay ahead of their opponents.

Island War Game Features

1. Play With Friends

Island War for Android is fun when played with other people. You can launch attacks on your teammates and other players in a flash. Nonetheless, they can still subject you to the same treatment. You should have the most formidable Island ready in advance of any attacks. The best features of this game that is provide the option for the user that they can play with each other.

2. Merge & Evolve Your Units

In Island War, you have the option to improve your troops so that they become stronger opponents. One way to achieve this goal is to combine related ranking units. To make a 2-Star Troops unit, for instance, you would combine two 1-Star Troops. As an analogy, if you combine two 2-Stars, you get a 3-Star.

3. Lead Your Island & Defeat Others

You’ll get a little island and an army to begin the Island War. To assault other players and plunder their islands for precious resources, you will have to travel across their islands. Several desirable and useful advantages are also available to you. To take the Island, you must fortify your armed forces with the loot you collect. Your foes will be on guard when you become a powerful opponent and assault them. The difficulty will rise as you go through the game, resulting in a more challenging but rewarding experience.

Island War Game

4. Wage Battles To Get Trophies

It’s as simple as deploying soldiers to the correct location to initiate combat. When the war begins, you can send a boat to any side of the Island. You’ll see your opponent’s name and power near the shield, and in the upper right, you’ll see how much treasure you’ll gain if you win.

5. Tier-Based Rewards System

In addition to the spoils of war, you can access various other gain sources. Sometimes, the mine will generate Coins and Gems at a constant, upgradeable rate. You can advance one level in the rewards system for every ten medals you earn. During a season, there are 35 distinct levels of prizes to attain. Battle pass players will receive additional benefits at each progression level. We also receive one-time incentives from Trophy Road and our normal tier rewards. The more you play in each arena, the more goodies you’ll find.

6. Create Brilliant Reaches

Defeating the enemy in the Island War will take fast thinking and careful planning. It is up to you to put together the best possible squad for each fight. And you must be flexible enough to adapt your strategy as the conflict progresses and new information becomes available. The excellent movements make up for the 3D visuals’ simplicity. The game’s visual style consists of massive islands spread across a large ocean, designed in a simple yet stunning 3D.

Island War Game

The army uses a color-coded system to categorize its members, with each color representing a different division. Feel the ferocity of the combat from above with a motion system that is both customizable and dependent on effects. Your Island’s layout should consider the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent’s troops while making the most of the many soldiers at your disposal. It will give you an edge over your opponents in one-on-one fights.

7. A Lot of Fun Map Searches

Now that Island War is available, you may test many cool new additions. In particular, it is hard to deny the certainty of discovering new maps given the regular updates to existing ones. There are several methods to navigate the map of the game. There are no restrictions on how you may develop your society or the Island’s future. Some of the most memorable gaming moments have occurred at the crossroads of self-expression and open dispute.

8. Island War Troops

You can unlock and employ several soldiers in combat, level them up by merging troops of the same level and improve them by dragging and dropping. As of right now, 24 troops are playable after unlocking, with 2 more hidden behind a price. In this guide to Island War, we’ll go through the various units and their associated classes and skills.

9. Join The Guild For Fun Tournaments

A battle between numerous opponents is far more interesting than combat between just one person. After you’ve joined a clan, you’ll be able to send out invites to players all around the globe to engage in Island War with you. In this way, you and your other players may have each other’s backs in combat, and your adventures may take you anywhere else. In place of commanded one-on-one combat, Clan wars are a full-scale epidemic. But if you can tap into your team’s chemistry and create a well-thought-out plan, you’ll come out on top.


Island War Game Tips & Island War Game Guide

1. Island War Game version 4.6.3 Strategy

The strategy for an island war game would depend on various factors such as the game’s objective, the terrain and resources available on the Island, the number and strength of opponents, and the game’s rules. Here are some general tips that can be useful in an island war game:

Scout the Island: It is important to explore the Island to identify the key locations such as hills, valleys, water sources, and potential enemy bases. This information will help you plan your strategy accordingly.

Build a strong base: Establishing a strong base is crucial in an island war game. The base should be strategically located and well-fortified to prevent enemy attacks. You should also build defensive structures such as walls, towers, and trenches to protect your base.

Manage your resources: Food, water, and weapons are critical in an island war game. You should prioritize allocating these resources to ensure your troops are well-fed, hydrated, and equipped with the necessary weapons and ammunition.

Island War Game

Form alliances: In an island war game, forming alliances with other players can be beneficial. It will allow you to pool your resources, share intelligence, and coordinate attacks against the enemy.

Be flexible: Your strategy should be adaptable to changing situations. You may need to adjust your plan based on your opponents’ movements or the changing conditions on the Island.

Conduct surprise attacks: Surprise attacks can effectively catch your opponents off guard. You should scout your opponents’ bases and look for vulnerabilities to exploit.

Use terrain to your advantage: The terrain of the Island can be used to your advantage. You can use hills and valleys to create natural barriers or to launch surprise attacks.

Bonus Tips

Remember, the key to winning an island war game is to have a well-planned strategy, manage your resources effectively, and be adaptable to changing situations.

2. Island War Best Boat Setup

The best boat setup for an island war game would depend on various factors such as the game’s objective, the terrain and resources available on the Island, the number and strength of opponents, and the game’s rules. Here are some general tips that can be useful in setting up your boats for an island war game:

Build a variety of boats: Different boats have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, fast boats can be used for surveillance and hit-and-run attacks, while larger boats can carry more troops and supplies. Build a mix of boats to ensure you have the right type of boat for the situation.

Arm your boats: Your boats should be armed with cannons, machine guns, and rockets. These weapons can be used to defend your boats against enemy attacks or to launch attacks against enemy boats or bases.

Island War Game

Protect your boats: Your boats should be well-protected to prevent them from being damaged or sunk by enemy attacks. Consider building armor plating or adding extra reinforcement to the hulls of your boats.

Build a dock or pier: Having a dock or pier can make loading and unloading troops and supplies from your boats easier. It can also serve as a base for your boats to repair or refuel.

Use camouflage: Camouflaging your boats can make them harder to detect by enemy scouts or radar. Consider painting your boats in colors that blend with the surroundings or adding foliage or nets to cover them.

Consider air support: If the game’s rules allow it, consider adding helicopters or planes to your boat setup. Ground troops can use these for surveillance, transportation, and air support.

Remember, the key to a successful boat setup in an island war game is to have a variety of boats with different capabilities, armaments, and protection.

3. Island War Best Formation

In the mobile game Island War, your formation can make a big difference in battle. A good formation can help you maximize the strengths of your units and minimize their weaknesses. Here are some tips for creating the best formation in Island War:

Mix up your unit types: Having a mix of unit types in your formation can help you deal with different enemy units. For example, if you have a mix of ground and air units, you’ll be better equipped to deal with enemy units that are strong against one type of unit but weak against the other.

Use your hero unit wisely: Your hero unit is one of your most powerful units and can deal a lot of damage. Make sure to position your hero unit where it can do the most damage and avoid enemy fire.

Island War Game

Protect your weaker units: Weaker units, like ranged units and healers, can be valuable in battle. Protect them by positioning them behind stronger units or placing defensive structures like turrets or bunkers nearby.

Use terrain to your advantage: The terrain can provide natural cover for your units and obstruct the movement of enemy units. Position your units in areas with cover, such as behind rocks or trees.

Adapt your formation to the situation: Your formation may need to change depending on the type of enemy you’re facing or the objective of the battle. Be prepared to adjust your formation on the fly to counter the enemy’s strategy.

4. Island War Best Base

The best base in an island war game depends on various factors such as the terrain and resources available on the Island, the number and strength of opponents, and the game’s rules. However, here are some general tips on how to build a strong base in an island war game:

Location: The location of your base is critical. It should be well-hidden, preferably in a valley or behind a hill, to avoid being easily detected by opponents. It should also be close to essential resources such as water and food.

Defense: Your base should have walls, towers, and trenches to prevent enemy attacks. The defense structures should be positioned strategically to maximize coverage and provide overlapping fields of fire.

Island War Game

Infrastructure: Your base should have a good infrastructure to support your troops. It includes barracks, armories, hospitals, and repair shops. You should also have a reliable source of electricity and running water.

Camouflage: Camouflaging your base can make it harder for your opponents to detect. You can use natural materials such as foliage, rocks, and dirt to blend your base into the surroundings.

Mobility: Your base should be designed to allow for the quick movement of troops and equipment. It means having wide roads, bridges, and tunnels accommodating large vehicles and machinery.

Intelligence: You should have a system to gather intelligence about your opponents’ movements and plans. You can do this using scouts, drones, or surveillance cameras.

Island War How To Get Bigger Island

In an island war game, getting a bigger island can provide the following:

  • A significant advantage.
  • Providing more resources.
  • More space to build bases.
  • A better defensive position.

Here are some tips on how to get a bigger island:

Conquer enemy bases: If enemy bases are on nearby islands, consider attacking and conquering them. It will not only give you access to more resources but can also give you control of the Island.

Expand your territory: You can expand your territory by building outposts or bases on nearby islands. It will give you control of more territory and provide you with more resources and a better defensive position.


Use diplomacy: If the game’s rules allow it, consider negotiating with other players to exchange islands or territories. It can be a peaceful way to acquire a larger island without resorting to military action.

Use special powers: Some island war games have special powers or abilities to expand your territory. For example, you may be able to summon a tidal wave that can create a new island or expand an existing one.

Build bridges or causeways: If shallow waters connect nearby islands, consider building bridges or causeways. It will effectively make the islands one larger landmass.

Remember, getting a bigger island in an island war game can give you a significant advantage but also make you a target for other players. Make sure to defend your Island well and be prepared to repel attacks from other players.

Island War Hero Shards

In Island War, Hero Shards are special items that unlock and upgrade Hero units. Hero units can be deployed in battles to deal massive damage to enemy units and structures.

You can acquire Hero Shards in various ways, such as by completing certain missions, events, or challenges. They are getable through in-game purchases. Once you have enough Hero Shards, you can use them to unlock new Hero units or upgrade your existing ones.


To access your Hero units and their respective Hero Shards, tap the “Heroes” button in the bottom menu bar. From there, you can see all the available Heroes and their upgrade levels. To unlock or upgrade a Hero unit, tap on the Hero’s image and select the option to use Hero Shards.

Remember that Hero Shards are a valuable resource in Island War, so using them wisely is important. You should prioritize unlocking or upgrading Hero units that complement your overall strategy and playstyle.

Island War Army Camp Levels

In Island War, the Army Camp is a building that houses your units and determines the maximum number of units you can have in your army. Upgrading your Army Camp can increase the maximum capacity of your army, allowing you to recruit more units for battles.

There are several levels of Army Camp upgrades in Island War, each requiring a certain amount of resources and time to complete. Here are the Army Camp levels and their requirements:

Level 1: This is the starting level of the Army Camp, which has a maximum capacity of 50 units.

Level 2: Upgrading to Level 2 requires 4,000 coins, 10 metals, and 30 minutes. The maximum capacity of the Army Camp increases to 70 units.


Level 3: Upgrading to Level 3 requires 10,000 coins, 20 metals, and 2 hours. The maximum capacity of the Army Camp increases to 100 units.

Level 4: Upgrading to Level 4 requires 30,000 coins, 30 metals, and 6 hours. The maximum capacity of the Army Camp increases to 140 units.

Level 5: Upgrading to Level 5 requires 100,000 coins, 50 metals, and 12 hours. The maximum capacity of the Army Camp increases to 200 units.

As you recruit more units for your army, you must ensure you have enough resources to sustain them, such as food, metal, and coins. It’s also important to prioritize upgrading your Army Camp and other important buildings to ensure your Island is well-defended and your army is strong enough to compete in battles.

Download Island War For Android apk

Download Requirements For Android

  • 4GB of RAM 
  • Secure Internet Connection
  • 650 MB free storage 
  • Unknown Sources Must Be Enabled

Enable Unknown Sources

  • First, Go to your Android Settings >> Security >> Privacy >> Unknown Sources.
  • Here Enable the Unknown Sources by clicking on the Enable option.

Download & Installation Process:

  • Hit the download button above in this blog post and wait for the downloading process.
  • After downloading, click the install button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • After the installation, Click Done and enjoy the game’s Latest Version on your android.


Island War is a popular game among gamers who enjoy strategic gameplay. The game requires players to build their base, gather resources, and defend themselves from other players. The game’s main objective is to expand your territory and defeat your opponents. Island War can be played on multiple devices and is challenging and engaging. With its immersive gameplay and intuitive controls, Island War is a must-try for gamers who enjoy strategic games.

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