How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day? Earn Money & Diamonds Fast


“How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day” is no longer out of the way. We are here to advise you about the “How To Level Up Faster In Hay Day” query. We’ll also guide you about “How To Make Money Hay Day” in this blog post. Do you want more? Well! Here you’ll get some beneficial tips on “How To Get Diamonds on Hay Day.” So remain on the page and read the complete article attentively.

Why “How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day” Is Essential?

Achieving a higher level in Hay Day is a significant step in achieving the game’s ultimate aim. The game’s progression system allows players to access additional content as they gain levels. So, it is crucial to accumulate as much experience as possible to progress rapidly on your farm.

You may enhance its size and aesthetics with this method. Many players strive for maximum leveling efficiency since doing so is synonymous with making advancement in the game. Good thing there are certain methods to speed up the process of completing the stages.

What Is Hay Day Game 2023?

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day

Playing Hay Day is like being a part of a realistic farm simulation. Advancing in levels is crucial for many gamers. Several features in the game are not accessible until later on. A blue five-pointed star in the center of the page shows your level, and the bar to the right of it shows how far down the path to the next level you are. Once you reach a certain level, you will receive a prize; if you upgrade, you will receive diamonds.

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day?

“How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day” requires:

  • Experience Booster
  • Check the Event Board
  • Plant and Harvest Wheat

Details About How to Level up Fast in Hay Day 2023?

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day

“How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day” Demands:

1. Experience Booster

When used, the +50% EXP accelerator increases the number of Experience Points you earn from any action to 1.5 times its normal value.

2. Check the Event Board for Double Experience Day

Every day brings new adventures. Those interested in the finer details of the event can read the version created for that purpose. The official Facebook and Twitter for Hay Day also include information on upcoming activities so that you can plan your week ahead of time.

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day

In many cases, the XP order occurs twice. Also, on the event day, the order will change to purple to indicate that the experience obtained will be twice. It is a wonderful moment to advance in levels quickly. You must plan to ensure that you have adequate supplies and can fulfill as many requests as possible on the big day. To earn additional experience, employ boosters like the cabin-filling booster.

3. Plant And Harvest Wheat

You may grow wheat several times and harvest it multiple times if you have sufficient time to enjoy the game. Quick harvesting allows you to obtain experience more rapidly.

XP Is Essential For “How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day”

Gaining blue stars represents experience (XP) gained from doing duties around your farm. Each level requires a particular sum of experience points to advance. Yet every time you level up, you’ll require more XP. The progress meter at the top of the screen will show how much XP you need to level up.

How To Get XP (Experience) In Hay Day 2022?


1. Harvest Crops & Animal Products

Plants grown from seed in the soil and those grown on trees and shrubs are all considered crops. Animal items come from your livestock and lobster and duck ponds.

2. Harvest Production Building Items

The “shop” symbol in the game’s lower left-hand corner lets you buy production plants. To acquire experience, you must click the manufacturing facility, drag the item you want to make, and then harvest it once the time necessary for that item has elapsed.

3. Take Orders From Passengers, Trucks & Ships

If you cannot fulfill an order, you can ask another farmer. In exchange, they will get the order’s gold and experience. Orders for trucks might rack up fees you’d rather avoid.

Although if the Boat can’t destroy orders, it will leave if you don’t finish them on time, and you won’t gain any bonuses for doing so. If the residents of the little town do not wish to finish the guests’ order, they might send them away.

4. Make A Sale To The Guests

Greg is one of five distinct types of Visitors that may occasionally show up at your farm and wait in your yard, offering various amounts of money in exchange for various goods. You may either reject their offer and lose the money and opportunity or accept it and sign the contract in exchange for it.

5. Revitalize Dead Trees And Bushes


Sometimes you will see dead trees with exclamation marks in other farmers’ homes. Click on the trees to restore green and gain experience. You may also receive a thank you note from a farmer who has helped.

6. Click on Tom’s Popped Balloon

A steadily rising balloon will show on the screen after you terminate Tom’s contract for a period. Click it for the experience.

7. Awaken Your Animals; Both Pets And Wild

You will gain experience by feeding your pets and wild creatures to rouse them. Awaken now and again.

How To Make Money Fast on Hay Day?

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day

” How To Make Money Fast In Hay Day” requires no special skills. Just download the Hay Day App from SHOWFORAPK.COM. The game works on phones and computers so that you may use it on your favorite device.

1. Mass Plant Trees & Bushes

Planting many trees and plants on Hay Day will bring enormous financial rewards. You may sit back and take it easy for a day or two while you pick the many fruits and earn a tidy profit. To make the most money possible, you should skip the truck and boat orders and instead sell the items at your roadside store to other people. This first technique has some potential downsides, so beware. You’ll make a lot of money, but you’ll also have many deceased trees you can’t eliminate without tools like saws and axes.

2. Newspaper Trading

News Trading

You will require some starting money for this method; roughly 5,000 coins should do it. Every few minutes, visit the newspaper to see if other players are selling products for less than the target cost. Do not hesitate to make an impulsive purchase if you discover such an item, and immediately resale it at a premium from your roadside stall. It’s a simple method of making money but takes a little more time than others.

3. Tom

Tom is your top choice, as the name suggests. You need to gather enough gems and use Tom’s services to get the most costly item at your level. When Tom returns with your goods, you should make as much money as possible by selling them at your roadside stall. If you are unwilling to pay Tom with gems, you may wait until the Hay Day team makes him accessible for free, or you can utilize a unique Tom card.

4. Make Your Most Expensive Product In Masses

This one involves some trickery. Yet you’re not so lazy that you need Tom’s help; you manufacture these things on your own. If you’re going to do this, choose the most costly item according to your skill level. Create a large quantity of the product and sell it at your roadside stand.

5. Hire Rose & Ernest

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day

Amazingly, Rose and Ernest streamline many tedious tasks on Hay Day. The pair can do wonders for your farm, allowing it to continue functioning even if you can’t be there. You can trust them to keep production going even when you’re not there. You may either make money from selling these things or use them to create more costly ones. If you want to make some quick cash in Hay Day, paying these two will bring you a world of good, but if you don’t want to shell out the gems for them, you can always gather their cards or watch for a free service.

6. Watch Ads

Something like a movie ticket will show up on the roadside beside the mailbox. Pressing it will invite you to view adverts for a great prize. If you offer it to Hay Day, they’ll give it back to you. Just kick back, relax, and perform as many adverts as possible to collect items you can then resell for cash.

That’s all about “How To Make Money In Hay Day.” Be consistent with these words, and enjoy.

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How to Get Diamonds In Hay Day?

At first, gaining diamonds in Hay Day may be difficult if you are unwilling to spend actual money. If you’re smart, you’ll accumulate much to spend on important things like improving your farm machines’ production or store sales.

How To Level Up Fast In Hay Day

The game’s best currency is a diamond. They’re not essential to play or advance, but they unlock cool extras like faster leveling or more expensive cosmetics. Three unique products—mystery nets, diamond jewelry, and courteous bouquets—all use diamonds.

Gettining Diamonds

At the outset of each game, each player receives 30 diamonds. But you can get free Diamonds in several different ways:

  • Complete successes.
  • Grab new fish.
  • Get Diamonds from the depths of the mine.
  • Look for Diamonds in Mysterious Boxes and Hidden Chests.
  • Discover diamonds in fishing season mystery gifts.
  • Try some of the Catalog’s Mysterious Goods.
  • Use mysterious nets to collect those precious diamonds.
  • Try watching Night at the Movies ads.
  • Take part in various events.
  • After a maintenance party, get a gift from Alfred.
  • Pinch Tom’s balloon and see what happens.
  • Pass the threshold for a derby.
  • Get more expertise and move up a tier.
  • Go to the Valley Shop and pick some up.


Hay Day is a nice experience, but sometimes it might not be easy to earn money in it. It does take some time and work to achieve so. With that stated, feel free to employ these strategies to earn money with Hay Day. You’ll be able to witness for yourself what will occur next.

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