How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge; A Complete Guide For You


How to level up fast in EverMerge is not a mystery anymore. This article is here to help you fast level up in the game. Here we’ll guide you about “How to level up fast in EverMerge” and Mythic Island With no effort. After reading these lines, you’ll be able to quickly complete any level in the Mystic Isle and the game. So remain on the page and explore the complete article.

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How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge

EverMerge Big Fish Games have a wide fan following. Construction, resource management, narrative, and treasure discovery are all themes in this merge-style game, EverMerge.

The gameplay seems straightforward at first: players combine existing things to make brand-new ones and gain access to those. After a merger, coins, gems, playable characters, and architectural additions come into being.

Players must maintain a delicate equilibrium between three interdependent systems to advance in the game. Players can choose their challenges, which keeps the game fresh.

How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge?

In the top left corner, you’ll see your current player level. He relies on both the opening of new territories and the acquisition of new reward recipes for the characters. You’ll get access to additional features and mechanics as you go through the game. In order to gain more experience, you can do a number of things.

How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge

1. Combine 5 Items; How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge?

Merging items is the quickest way to level up. Using the same three components yields the expected result without any added value. On the other hand, if you merge five or more items, you’ll get a bonus item and other experience and crown awards.

You shouldn’t rush into it if you don’t already have five of the same thing on hand. Furthermore, combine infrequently fallen objects in five parts to fast build the chain and achieve the most pumped ingredient.


The game sometimes conducts a three-day “Merge Mania” event, in which you gain stars for your created unions. By inputting a particular amount of stars, you may get the prize. The more you advance along the event path, the bigger the reward. At this event, the best strategy is to drain at least five objects at once, which will enhance the player’s overall score and experience.

2. Complete Story Missions; How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge?

The game’s narrative quests will show up in the bottom left corner. The protagonists have a pre-mission conversation before beginning each mission. There will be moments when the characters merely carry on a regular conversation, but more often than not, they will guide the player on how and where to accomplish the goal. Some tasks take a short time, while others might go on for days. Just because something doesn’t operate perfectly right immediately doesn’t mean it’s doomed to fail. You shouldn’t worry about losing task progress because they don’t expire.

Crown; What Is It For?

In EverMerge, you gain levels by collecting crowns. To move on to the next level, simply collect the necessary crowns. The EverMerge equivalent of experience points, Crowns, are most easily obtained through quests. On the other hand, quests may have rewards in the hundreds of crowns, making them considerably more worthwhile than typical activities that offer 1 or 2 crowns.

How To Unlock Paul Bunyan EverMerge?

How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge

Unlock Paul Bunyan on Home Island by combining six layers of axes. Assembling Castle Bunyan involves fusing nine levels of parts along the Wagon limb. The first-level Penguin Chilly is part of the castle’s daily prize package when it initially opens. If you max it out, you’ll get 5x Chilly and 3x Fluffybottom, the first two Flooficores.

EverMerge Mythic Island

The guardian of the Mystical Isle, Paul Bunyan’s sister Heidi, will visit your Island once you’ve captured Paul. You and she are going on a trip to a mysterious island together. Using the “On the way” tab, you’ll find a link to the market in the corner of the screen to the lower right.

Before you leave one Island for another, a new window will appear on your screen, displaying a photo of you and the Mystic Isle together. Also, you may observe that there is blank space for other pictures. Portals to temporary stock markets will open now. The Island of the Golden Sheep is only one such place.

Mythic Island

Evolving different species and placing them in their natural habitats on the Mystical Island is crucial. The animals all have their unique merging chain. After you have obtained the biggest animal in the food chain, access to its natural environment will unlock.

Paws are used instead of energy on the Mystic Isle. More legs become available as you go through the game. You can’t get them back without automatically raising your level or accumulating paws for you, though.

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Leveling Up In EverMerge Mythic Island

Taking care of the Island’s animals may come easily at first. Yet, the reality is that this is not the case. Once your training is done, you will no longer have such an easy time moving forward. Free food bags with strawberry sprouts are available in the game. These shoots develop into shrub that eventually bears strawberries.

Your dogs require strawberries for food. If you don’t harvest, you won’t know which animals are interested in eating. The appropriate symbol for the fed will emerge over the hungry as soon as the harvest hits the cells. Carry the berry over to your pet’s cage so it may enjoy a tasty treat.

You gain experience by serving the animal, which accumulates in the left screen center. When you reach level 30, you’ll unlock a pet paw as a prize. An animal’s paw has the building blocks for its many food chains. Everything you do on the Mystic Isle will count towards your total experience.

How To Quickly Level Up on The Mystic Isle?

How To Level Up Fast In EverMerge

Gaining experience is crucial for doing additional chores and exploring new environments; it is not bound to just one feeding. Among the many possible methods for leveling up are:

  • Build more zoos by constructing castles for the animals.
  • Take advantage of promotional opportunities. Closing the era’s scale that provides chests or bags with baby essentials is essential. Upon collection, all prizes are promptly sent to the Mysterious Island.
  • Aim for the flying items and get them. There are menagerie supplies in the occasional green raindrops that float across the Island. It’s possible to get more strawberry seeds by clicking on them.
  • Finish the plot’s tasks. You’ll get island operations missions frequently. These provide not only a significant amount of training experience but also additional rewards.

You should visit the Island several times to stock up on food but only open the bags once daily to maximize the Mystical experience. The largest, most vacant part of the Island is where the sprouts should be laid side by side. To accomplish this, spare some room.

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