How to Apply for Official WhatsApp Business API: Step-by-Step Guide!


WhatsApp is a super popular messaging app used by heaps of people – about 1.2 billion every month! And get this? More folks are likely to start using it, maybe even around 3.5 billion, by 2025. It’s not just for chatting either; businesses also use it to promote their stuff!

Many companies like WeChat and Facebook Messenger have been allowing businesses to use them for marketing. But when WhatsApp jumped in, it had two big advantages.

  1. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. 
  2. People in 133 countries all over the world prefer using WhatsApp for messaging.

If you’re interested in using WhatsApp Business API for your business, you’re in the right place.

This article will provide you with all the details and guide you through the process, step by step, on how to apply for WhatsApp Business API.

What is WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API is a tool created by Facebook in August 2018, primarily designed for medium to large businesses.

With this tool, businesses can receive and respond to as many WhatsApp messages as they require. It also enables them to tailor their solutions to enhance communication with customers through WhatsApp.

Here are the key features of WhatsApp Business API—

  • Messages are sent out in bulk for notifications to many people at once.
  • Multiple agents can access it for customer support.
  • There’s no separate app or interface; you can use it through Business Solution Providers (BSPs) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • Supports WhatsApp Chatbot and interactive messages.
  • You’ll get a green tick, indicating a verified WhatsApp Business profile.

Think of the WhatsApp API as a doorway. To unlock its features, you’ll need another tool called CRM. Together, they allow you to connect and communicate with your customers.

The good news is, that you can get your CRM dashboard from GetItSMS in just a few minutes!

Why do I need WhatsApp Business API?

Here are four compelling reasons why you should consider using WhatsApp Business API:

1. It assists in establishing stronger connections with your brand.

If you aim for long-term advantages, it’s crucial to cultivate trust and credibility with your audience. WhatsApp Business API is an excellent tool to assist you in achieving precisely that.

Here’s why—

  • WhatsApp Business API enables you to communicate with your customers in a private and personal environment.
  • Businesses can create their profiles, sharing essential information such as contact details, website links, social media, store addresses, and more.
  • WhatsApp verifies all business accounts, granting them a “green tick” to indicate legitimacy. This fosters trust, reassuring customers that it’s not spam.

2. It allows businesses to interact with their customers worldwide.

WhatsApp is free and incredibly popular, with 95% of smartphone users having it. It’s the preferred messaging app in 104 different locations!

Since almost everyone worldwide uses WhatsApp, you can easily communicate with your customers, regardless of their global presence or frequent travels, without any hassle.

3. It assists your customers in having real-time conversations with you.

An impressive 84% of companies experience increased revenue when they prioritize customer satisfaction. Incorporating WhatsApp Business API into your strategy can enhance customer experience and satisfaction, potentially leading to greater profits.


Here’s the deal—WhatsApp chat goes both ways. Your customers can ask questions directly without needing to make phone calls or send emails.

With these live chats, your customers will feel well attended to and appreciate the personalized service.

4. It ensures that your data remains safe and secure.

In a survey, 86% of people expressed growing concerns about data privacy. It’s essential to prioritize keeping your customers’ data safe to ensure their satisfaction.

The good news is that WhatsApp messages benefit from end-to-end encryption. This means that when your customers connect with you, they can feel confident that their communications are secure and protected.

Who can use WhatsApp Business API?

To apply for the WhatsApp Business API, you need to adhere to specific business terms and conditions. However, there are two essential criteria to verify your eligibility for the API.

1. Business size

Getting the API might be a bit tricky, especially since it’s mainly meant for medium to large businesses. That’s why it’s often referred to as “WhatsApp Enterprise.”

For small businesses, getting approval is tough and not very likely. But don’t fret, they can still use the free WhatsApp Business Application.

2. Industry

WhatsApp has strict rules for businesses. Industries such as adult content, arms, alcohol, entertainment, gaming and gambling, supplements, tobacco, and medical drugs cannot use the API.

On the other hand, industries like education, real estate, travel, eCommerce, and telecommunications are approved to use WhatsApp Business API.

How does WhatsApp Business API work?

The WhatsApp API is a real lifesaver when it comes to managing all the customer support requests pouring in every day.

With it, you can send unlimited messages to your customers in any way you prefer.

Now, the API categorizes your messages into two types—Session messages and Template messages.

Here’s the deal: if your customers message you and you reply within 24 hours, those are session messages, and you won’t be charged for them.

However, if you respond after 24 hours, you’ll need to use a template message approved by WhatsApp, and yes, you’ll have to pay for that.

How to apply for WhatsApp Business API?

Let’s simplify the steps for you to apply for WhatsApp Business API:

1. Select the application route

You have two choices to apply for WhatsApp Business API, and you need to select one.

Direct Signup

You can register for WhatsApp Business API directly on the official Meta Business Help Center website.

However, going this route may pose some difficulties. If your company is medium-sized, getting approval can be challenging, and despite support, you might encounter technical hurdles.

Through a Solution Provider,

If you’re looking for fast and simple approval, this is the way to go. Services like GetItSMS, a WhatsApp Business solution provider, streamline the entire process for you.

2. Submit basic information

If you’re aiming for a quick and easy approval, then this is the route to take.

This information includes—

  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Industry
  • Country of company headquarters
  • Places where you want to offer your services.
  • Intended use cases
  • The time when you plan to launch the service.
  • Volume predictions (messages/day)

Once you’ve submitted all the required information, you can expect your brand approval within approximately 2-3 weeks.

3. Activate your phone number

After your brand receives approval, you’ll need to provide additional details to activate your phone number for the WhatsApp business account.

If you’re already using a phone number with the WhatsApp business app, proceed with the activation. Otherwise, make sure to register it before continuing.

Now, let’s examine the information you need to provide to activate your phone number:

  • The phone number is linked to your WhatsApp Business account.
  • The name is associated with the phone number.
  • Your Customer Facebook Business Manager ID.
  • The region for your app.

Once your phone number is activated, you’ll manage all your communications on a virtual server, often referred to as a docker. You can accomplish this using either a dashboard or a BSP system

However, remember that you can register up to 25 phone numbers for each WhatsApp business account. But, for each new number, you’ll require a separate docker server, potentially increasing your monthly expenses.

What should you do after setting up the WhatsApp Business API?

Once you’ve got your WhatsApp Business API up and running, let’s review these crucial steps:

1. Get your green tick badge.

Securing the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification next to your business name is a major milestone – it significantly enhances trust and credibility with your customers.

However, here’s the catch – you can only obtain that green tick if you send 500 messages a day and your brand has an international presence.

Obtaining that green tick badge directly from WhatsApp can sometimes be challenging. But don’t worry, GetItSMS can expedite the process for you.

2. Integrate it with GetItSMS

GetItSMS enables you to create, launch, and connect a WhatsApp bot to your number, assisting your business in achieving a better return on investment (ROI).

  • Enhance customer experience seamlessly
  • Boost leads for your business
  • Decrease abandoned cart instances
  • Establish marketing campaigns
  • Build your eCommerce store


Getting WhatsApp Business API doesn’t have to be hard. Following our step-by-step guide simplifies the process, offering clarity for businesses aiming to enhance their customer interactions. 

Remember, using the official route through the Meta Business Help Center is one choice, but it could be tricky, especially for medium-sized businesses.

Choosing a WhatsApp Business solution provider, such as GetItSMS, makes the approval process smoother and faster.

After approval, managing communications becomes easier, and adding a WhatsApp bot with GetItSMS makes things even smoother, promising better results for your business. As you start using WhatsApp API, focus on building your business.

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