How To Add A Drop Down List In Excel cell online 2023


If you are searching for how to add a drop-down list in excel then this blog post is really for you. Drop-down lists are advantageous features in Microsoft Excel, particularly for designing forms or delivering instructions to others. There are various techniques for creating a drop-down list, and as a result, there are multiple techniques for editing those lists if you wish to make adjustments.

If you have built your list on an Excel table, this method makes it straightforward – you can add or delete entries from the table, and Excel will immediately update the drop-down list. However, if you have constructed your drop-down list using several cells, a named range, or manual input, you will need to take a few special precautions.

How to add a drop-down list in Excel cell based on a cell range

Drop-down lists can help make a worksheet more efficient. Someone using the worksheet clicks an arrow, then a list entry.

  • Choose the cells that will house the lists.
  • First, Click on “DATA” and then “Data Validation” on the ribbon.
  • Set “Allow” to List in the dialogue.
  • Click in the Source field, input the text or numbers (separated by commas for a comma-delimited list) that you want in your drop-down list, and then click OK.

Allow Other Entries In Excel

  • First, if you enter a value that is not on the list, Excel displays an error message.
  • Select Data Validation from the Data Tools category on the Data tab.
  • “Deselect the box next to ‘Show error alert if invalid data is entered on the Error Alert tab.”
  • Press the OK button.
  •  Now you can input a value that isn’t on the list.

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Add or Remove Items

  • Go to the items and select one item to add to a drop-down list.
  • Right-click, then select Insert.
  • Click OK after selecting “Shift cells down.”
  • Add a new item.
  • At step 2, click Delete, then select “Shift cells up” and click OK to remove an item from a drop-down list.

How to edit a drop-down list in Excel online based on a named range

  • Add a new item or remove one you no longer need.
  • Select Name Manager from the Formulas menu.
how to add drop down list in excel
  • Select the named range on which your drop-down list is based, and change the “References” formula to include or omit the cell you just inserted. Then, to preserve your changes, click “Close” and “Yes” to confirm.
how to add drop down list in excel

How to add a drop-down list in Excel that was entered manually

  • Select Data Validation from the Data tab.
  • In the pop-up window’s settings tab, under Source, add or delete list items as needed, ensuring a comma and nothing else separate all entries. Then, to preserve your changes, click OK.

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