Hiking Subscription Boxes: 7 Must-Have Items for Your Next Adventure


Venturing out and camping for a few days may not only be fitting for adventure. It helps reveal your hardiness and propensity to adapt to more punitive environments. With no sofas to sink into or a convenient home water purifier to drink from, surviving outdoors may require utmost preparation. 

Subscription boxes always come in handy, providing almost every item you need. However, it’s best to be keen on what you may need during your hiking expeditions, including having every essential item that makes your outing comfortable. 

Safety, comfort, and convenience are the non-negotiables in hiking, and your subscription box should be a one-stop repository for every item you need. This article lists the essential must-have items for your next adventure.

Trail Bag

Having ample storage is a no-brainer when venturing outdoors. Therefore, it’d be prudent if your hiking subscription box comes with a trail bag. 

The Lord & Field Canvas Trail Bag can be your one-stop solution to sorting out your storage issues. This bag features a robust canvas build, durable enough to last for years. Moreover, its leather straps give it a unique touch of style and add more sturdiness and functionality. 

While petite, this bag’s eight-by-eight-inch capacity can hold your accessories and collectibles on the go. You can still wear it on your belt when empty and folded. Never think twice about including this bag in your custom hiking subscription box if it is for added convenient storage. 

Water Filter Pack

Suppose you’re camping for days; having clean and drinking water handy can be prudent. However, carrying water can add bulk to your camping luggage, and a water filter pack can greatly help. A water filter pack can be essential to your hiking subscription box. 

The Puribag Water Filter kit, originally designed for families struck by disasters, offers a comprehensive water purification solution. It tags along with 12 P&G packets, Puribag, sealing rod, and draining clip. Its efficient charcoal filter and P&G Purifier are added accessories to make it an effective water purification kit. 

Its 10-L water-holding capacity can be sufficient for many hikers, so tagging a few more friends in your hiking expedition should be less of a worry. Still, it only treats river or lake water in about 30 minutes, so you won’t have to wait for extended periods.

Compact Multi-Tool

Camping and hiking can be busy, so how about getting yourself a gift to ease your cutting and charring? A compact multi-tool can be what you need if you need the convenience of multiple tools in one place. Whether you need a screwdriver, knife, pliers, or wire cutters, a multi-tool will always have your back. 

A perfect pick can be the SIUPRO Multi-tool Pocket Knife, which can be an ideal addition to your custom-made hunting subscription box. This tool gives you the convenience of every tool you need during hiking and camping. 

Head Lamp with Extra Batteries

If you’re a seasoned hiker, moving outdoors in nocturnal hours can be an option you might not want to turn down. You may also like to extend your adventure into the nighttime veil, which can be pretty reasonable. Having a headlamp handy can help you navigate dark trails for added safety. 

The LHKNL Headlamp Flashlight can be a viable suggestion for a night headlamp. Its 1200-lumen ultra-bright LED headlight may not only illuminate your immediate surroundings but is a stretch away for your safety. Besides, this lamp has a powerful battery capacity of 1500mAh, lasting between four and ten hours of continuous use. 

You deserve a little more peace of mind when outside at night. While a spotlight can do the trick, a headlamp lets you see around you carefree; you only need to wrap around your head, and you’re all set. Adding this item to your custom or purchased hiking subscription box can add much-needed convenience. 

High-Energy Hiking Snacks

Walking, climbing, and bushwhacking when hiking can be enjoyable but tedious and energy-draining. An extra energy boost can go a long way, and carrying high-energy and packable snacks can help. 

Nothing is better than Power Up Premium Trail Mix, a premium, high-energy product that instantly puts you in motion. This snack mix is vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, so having it in your hunting subscription box can make your trip much more tolerable and enjoyable.


The sun can be quite hot. As such, an extra layer of protection would help you avoid discomfort when hiking. With the help of sunscreen, you receive additional protection from the risk of getting burnt by exposing your skin to sunlight for too long. 

The COSRX Daily SPF50 Vitamin E Sunscreen will help you deal with your troubles and make hiking an enjoyable and comfortable experience. It’s Sebum balancing and the best for UVA/UVB protection. Also, the sunscreen is light, hypoallergenic, and scented.

First Aid Kit

Sometimes, when hiking, injuries from a trip and fall can’t be avoided. However, a first aid kit can help treat bruises and nips, relieving pain. It also promotes a faster recovery because it cleanses the wounds. 

 You can add the Mini First Aid Kit with dimensions of 6.3 by 4.7 inches, which is small enough to fit snugly inside your backpack. The kit contains many useful supplies, such as bandages, scissors, and gauze for comprehensive treatment. 

Bottom Line 

The items in your hiking subscription box should include all the necessities guaranteed to enhance the joy of your adventure. You can personalize your subscription box with a few essentials for greater convenience while outdoors. It’s advisable to find out what you need while trekking to understand the items that should be included in your hunting subscription box. 

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