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We will explain the best way to solve the issue of the hdo box not working. If you are always confused about what will be your next movie and tv show? It is very friendly and will do everything for you. You can easily discover your favorite movies and tv shows about your likes and requirement. It will show you different types and checklists of amazing movies and tv shows.

HDO Box is the free application that provides the best option for enjoyment. User can watch the new and latest movies on HDO Box 2023 on iPhone . Some time user face differeny type of issue on HDO Box apk .In this article we will show that how you can fix the error that you face.

HDO box Common Errors And Their Solutions

1 Black screen/white screen Error
2 App loading Error
3 Login issue
4 Activation or Installation Errors
5 Audio/Video Quality issue
6 Notification not working Issue

1 . Solution Of( black screen/white screen/blank screen ) issue on HDO box

When you unlock an application, you will notice a blank screen for seconds, and then it will crack with or without a mistake note. It is the most typical error in mobile phones and tablets. 

You can solve this problem by following methods:

  • It might be loading errors most of the time.
  • Push the current application menu (usually the first left switch) on your android apparatuses.
  • Then close the app and reopen it. The issue will have been solved.
  • The other method is to restart the iPhone/iPad or Android device.
  • To fix it, restart your phone and again open the App. The issue will have been solved.
  • If these two above-listed steps are not working, wait for your mobile battery to drain, and it will shut down automatically.
  • Then set your mobile on the charger and reopen the ApplicationApplication. It will work.
  • If this process is also not workable, uninstall and reinstall the App.

2. Solution of loading error

  1. The HDO box may be down. In this situation, loading errors may occur. So try again later.
  2. If your mobile or wifi data connection is not working correctly,.fit your link and try it again.
  3. This problem will also happen when too many users simultaneously use the application/App. So try again after a few minutes.

3. Solution Of HDO Box login issue

  1. The login issue may occur due to the server being down. So try again later.
  2.  It will happen due to a lost wifi connection or mobile data loss. Check the link before trying again.
  3. It may happen when you are logging in with the wrong candidate.
  4. So check out your login information (Email, password), etc.
  5. If you are face the login issue you can try alternative of HDO Box is Pikashow apk.

4. Solution of HDO Box installation or activation issues

  • Check your internet connection before installation.
  • Check your phone storage, so there is enough space to keep the App.
  • Especially, check that the App you are installing supports the operating system or IOS version.

5. Solution of hdo box loading issue on your phone

  • Check your wifi connection and mobile data and verify that it works correctly.
  • Also, confirm that you have enough space to download the Update.

6. Solution of (audio/video) Loading problem

  • If you have a video loading issue, Review your internet connection.
  • Suppose you have an audio problem. Check your mobile volume. Use the headphones for better results and find out where the problem is in the phone speaker or the App.

7. Solution of notification not working issue

To solve this issue, you have to fix changes in your phone. Check your phone that the notifications are enabled or not. If not, then follow these steps.

  • First, Go to your “settings.”
  • Second, Go to your “Notifications.”
  • Third, select The “HDO box.”
  • Then Enable The “Notifications.”

Solution Of hdo box not working reddit

If you are use the app HDO Box and face HDO Box player issue, Read the below line for the solution of this issue.

  • 1st Check if your BOX is old so update the Xdo box.
  • If there are storage cache clean and clear all cache.

8. When depositing money in the HDO box you don’t see it added to the balance?

It can bring some time (24-48 hours) for the app to process the payment to your account. So please be patient for the mentioned time. Contact the development company if the payment is not added to your account after this time.

9. How to withdraw the payment you won from HDO box?

For this aim, go to the “account menu” and choose the “withdraw option.” You can use that quality to begin a withdrawal recommendation

HDO Box Android Devices Issues And Solutions

Some common errors that you can face on your android device are:

  • HDO box not working Error on Android
  • Server and Connection Errors on Android

1. Solution of HDO box not working Error on android?

If your app is not opening or not showing display on your android phone, you do not need to worry about this error. You can solve this issue by following the methods

a. Force Stop The App

If the application is not opening, you can apply the force Stop method to open it by following the steps.

  • First, you must go to the “device’s Settings app.”
  • Second, choose the “HDO box App.”
  • Third, select the “Force Stop” option given by the page.

b. Check that the Application is updated

  • First, open the play store app.
  •  Then Search for the HDO box Application.
  • Check whether the update is open or not. If it is known, it will show you an “update option.”

c. Clear caches and data on the HDO box

  • From your Android home screen, click the menu button.
  • Then select the setting.
  • Then choose App.
  • Find the HDO box app and click on it.
  • Then choose Storage.
  • Select a precise date at the bottom of the screen
  • Then again, open the App.

2. Solution of HDO box server and connection errors on Android?

  • Go to your phone Settings on your phone.
  • Then push on the App option.
  • Then on manage apps.
  • Next, find the HDO box and click on it.
  • Next Up, press the Force Stop.
  • Then go to Storage and Clear all the data.
  • Next, return to the HDO box and click on the mobile data.
  • Then, push on allow background data usage.
  • After this, go to your phone settings and push the CONNECTION.
  • Next, go to the mobile network and scroll to Network mode.
  • Here, put your phone on the 4G network.
  • Then open the App again.

HDO Box Errors And Solution On iPhone/IOS

You can face these types of errors on iPhone/ios devices

  • HDO box not working error on iPhone/ios
  • Connection errors on iPhone/ios

1. Solution of App not working issue on iPhone/ios

there are some ways from which you can get rid of this irritation. You can solve App not working error on iPhone/ios devices

a. Restart the app on your iPhone, iPad /ios.

  • First, open your app switcher by lifting it from the base of the center of the screen.
  • Find the HDO box App.
  • Swipe the App Up to your application’s latest version to close it.
  • Restart the iPhone to refresh the system.

b. Update the App to the latest version.

  • First, go to the app store.
  • Search for an HDO box app and open it.
  • If an update is open, update your streaming app.

c. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Just uninstall the app from your iPhone and clear all caches and data. Delete any momentary files and deteriorated data. After deleting the Application, Reinstall the App from App STORE.

  1. Update your iPhone to the most delinquent version available for ios.
  2. You can also take customer support and visit the official App for more detail.

2. Solution of HDO box connection error on iPhone/ios

a. Reset Network settings

  • Go to your iPhone “settings.”
  • Then go to “General” and then “Reset.”Select “Reset Network Setting.”
  • Enter your “iPhone ID.”
  • This method solves the error of the server and connection.

b. Turn OFF VPN

You have to turn off your VPN. It might be dangerous.


Apps Like HDO Box

If are still facing the issue you can try another app like pikashow and Freeflix. It also provide the best entertainment for the user.User can easily download the new movies on this like HDO Box apk.

HDO box is the most incredible way to enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows on your android,iPhone,iPad, and ios devices. But if you face any issues with this App, we are 100% sure this article will help you solve your problems with this application. So please read the whole article for more information about HDO box errors and their solutions.

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  1. Hdo box is not working with jio network. It shows the loading error. Then when i use wifi which is of airtel sim card, it suddenly starts working. Please give a cure to this problem. I tried everything to check the internet connection and even restarted the phone but nothing worked. It only works with wifi. Please do something.


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