EverMerge Discoveries; Discoveries Book Rewards & More

EverMerge Discoveries

The EverMerge Discoveries menu gives you the ability to browse among the many characters and other content that you have unlocked. Be careful to visit the Discoveries page whenever you find a new object or character, as you will be rewarded with a gift box. To get your reward, touch on the gift. EverMerge Discoveries …

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EverMerge Event Schedule; Must Know About EverMerge Events

EverMerge Event Schedule

This article covers the past, present, and predicted future EverMerge Event Schedule, has been started in April 2020. Only the most significant events offer “magical” rewards at various levels. The following is a detailed list of available events. I this blog we will discuss about EverMerge Event Schedule; Must Know About EverMerge Events. EverMerge Event …

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EverMerge Chests; A Complete Guide on Chests & Bags

EverMerge Chests

EverMerge Chests are a great place to store valuables. Combining chests is the same as combining any other object. Therefore you can create larger chests with more loot by doing so. When doing a chest merge, only combine chests from the same tree. Simply navigate to your Discoveries and select the chests tab to view …

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EverMerge Walkthrough; EverMerge Tips on Getting A Hero

EverMerge Walkthrough

The article is all about EverMerge Walkthrough, characters, and getting a hero enjoying the game. Here you’ll learn about EverMerge Characters. We’ll also give you helpful tips on picking a hero in the EverMerge game. So explore the whole article and be aware of the EverMerge Walkthrough query. EverMerge Walkthrough EverMerge entertains players by liberating …

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