EverMerge Wands: Tips on Wands, Crop Revitalizer


The EverMerge Wands are a vital piece of equipment in the EverMerge game. It may provide access to more maps and grant you a specific kind of mana. With any luck, our introduction to the Wand and Evermerge below will help you make the most of your magic, the quickest method to get the Magic Wand. Please read the whole article if you have questions about the EverMerge game.

EverMerge Wands

Evermerge is a game in which the player builds a magical kingdom by fusing identical goods, and wands play a vital role. Wands are crucial because they provide a unique mana that allows you to reveal more of the map.

The Role of The Magic Wands; EverMerge Wands

In EverMerge, achieving a character’s orders can earn you a wand; for example, if the character requests dessert, achieving the order will net you a small reward but the more difficult the dessert recipe, the more EverMerge wands you’ll earn. Clearing the island’s fog and gaining access to new parts of the map requires tapping the Wand to change it into mana.

EverMerge Wands

You may raise your mana from wands by combining them with other wands, just like every other item in the game. The tiers of wands and the corresponding mana they provide are as follows:

  • Level 1: 5 Mana
  • Level 2 Wand: 15 Mana
  • Level 3 Wand: 45 Mana
  • Level 4 Wand: 135 Mana
  • Wand: 405 Mana
  • Wand: 1215 Mana

More EverMerge Wands Needed? Do These Things

1. Merge EverMerge Wands

Possessing five or more of any one item allows you to combine it with others to create new, more powerful things. The more you mix and match, the better the rewards. The same principle applies to wands. Thus you should combine even more wand components.

Generally, you should avoid going alone with a wand from the first tier. You should hoard them to craft better wands but use them quickly to access otherwise locked regions, if necessary.

It requires a lot of mana to access new places. Thus early-game gifts might become crucial later on.

2. Be Careful In Choosing The Order

Completing the game’s easier orders early on allows players to stock up on tier 1 wands. It’s easy to get into difficulty later in the game if you accept every command you see, so it’s important to be selective about which ones you follow.

The following is a suggested sequence of operations for assembling the most powerful Wand using the fewest elements. Because it may take a while to gather the necessary materials in the late game, if you choose this option, you can slow down the process just enough to let the components replenish.

If you have a large stockpile of inexpensive materials, you can fulfill lower-level requests without spending your rarer ingredients. If you play your cards well, you can amass enough wands to access more regions of the game.

Evermerge Crop Revitalizer

EverMerge Wands

You may reap the benefits of a crop three times once it has been combined and is available for harvesting before it “dies” and is gone from your map. After three harvests, you may activate the Crop Revitalizer to bring the crop back to life and obtain another three harvests. To revive a dying harvest, just move the Crop Revitalizer over it.

The Evermerge Crop Revitalizer Isn’t Working!?

You should remember that there is a distinction between harvested and dead crops. When a crop’s empty health meter is, you may use the Crop Revitalizer to bring it back to life.

Instead of dying, newly harvested crops shine gold with floating sparkles. If you click the crop at this time, a timer will appear beside a green Harvest now button that will shorten the waiting period for the price of some Rubies.

Evermerge Stuck on Loading Screen Error

Are you facing the “EverMerge Not Working” issue? Don’t worry.

Here is the solution:

  • Ensure that your device is connected to the internet.
  • Always use the most recent version of the app.
  • Verify that your device has a sufficient amount of battery life.
  • Restart the device.
  • Powerfully shut off running programs.
  • Be sure you’re running the latest version of your device’s operating system.

EverMerge Mines

Virtually every resource processing plant also has its mines. Every mine has its star system, and as the number of stars grows, so does its production capacity. Even when gnomes aren’t necessary, mines still need five energization points for every activity.

Mines provide the resource to which they relate. Occasionally, you will get materials needed to make products from shared resources. In addition, you’ll get the unlockable hero’s features.

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1. EverMerge Magic Star


Repair the mines after a specific amount of acts. Blue and red gnomes are interchangeable in terms of maintenance. Your celebrity status will rise to new heights when the upgrades are finished. The more famous the mine is, the better the quality of the chains you may expect to find there.

2. EverMerge Quests

Exploring the mines is a common task. Try working 15 consecutive shifts in a mine. It means you have 15 attempts to initiate activities in the mine. There are a variety of alternative reading assignments available. Yet, some are interested in one kind of mine, such as a coal or copper mine. To avoid wasting time and energy, consider this before finishing a task.


In conclusion, mastering the use of wands and crop revitalizers is essential for success in EverMerge. By strategically merging wands and utilizing crop revitalizers, players can create more powerful items and efficiently manage their resources. Higher-level players have developed various strategies for maximizing their wands, which can be valuable insights for those seeking to progress in the game. Understanding the mechanics of wands and crop revitalizers is crucial for players aiming to advance and thrive in EverMerge.

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