Evermerge Red Gnomes; How To Get EverMerge Extra Gnomes?


EverMerge Red Gnomes are important in the game because of how much time they save in construction. Despite their name, these gnomes aren’t useful for tree felling or mineral extraction; instead, they speed up the construction of anything that can be completed in under an hour. Recruiting as many red gnomes as possible can improve your progress toward constructing your fortress.

What Are Red Gnomes EverMerge?


Red Gnomes can build items in less than an hour. Doing so lets you see the timer above each decrease until you’ve spent up to an entire hour. The gnome vanishes when the allotted time has passed. Despite your Red Gnome’s limited availability, they can get the ball rolling on a construction project while your Blue Gnomes finish up. At the Market, you can hire Instant Workers or make them by fusing hammers up.

How To Use EverMerge Red Gnomes?

The Red Gnomes are useful in two distinct ways. If your two Blue Gnomes are already hard at work, you can tap on a building to let a Red Gnome begin construction there.

You can only use the click possibility if your Red Gnome EverMerge gets enough time to finish the task. Even though your Red Gnome’s remaining time is only 5 minutes, it will not switch to a build that takes only that time until you manually switch it.

How To Get EverMerge Extra Gnomes?

Many strategies exist for acquiring EverMerge Red Gnomes. Buying them from the Market is the simplest option, but you’ll need a lot of gems for that. Keep in mind that they are somewhat pricey. But, if you don’t have the cash, you may try to collect and unite hammers to make your own. This method is time-consuming, so you may want to shift your focus to amassing precious stones instead if you’re impatient.

Evermerge Red Gnomes

Luck also plays a significant role in acquiring those gnomes and advancing your quest. Red gnomes will be ready for you as the fog rises as you gain new ground. Sometimes trees or other objects can get in the way, and you’ll have to remove them before you can use the employees.

EverMerge Gnome Rush Points

Rush Points

Because EverMerge is constantly reconfiguring points, they still differ from player to player at each stage. Using a magic crystal and getting Magic Rush instead of merge rush will gain even more experience points. 

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At level 8, completing a challenge will reward you with your first EverMerge red gnome. It is a group of short-term workers who will leave after their contract has ended. They have an hour cap on their shifts. Despite their complete lack of employment, they can loiter on your island for as long as you choose.


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