EverMerge Magic Crystal; What Are Magic Crystals EverMerge?


You need an evermerge magic crystal to make a three-item combination with just two items. Using this clever mechanism, you can combine powerful items, which is both efficient and fun. For instance, you must first deplete three ruby hammers to obtain a red gnome. Rare valuable hammers have their unique fusion chain, resulting in a cheerful red gnome. Alternatively, you can create a gnome by substituting a magic crystal for the third ingredient This game provide the best and good structure for the user.

What Is EverMerge Game?


EverMerge is a free, fun game developed by Neskin and Released by Big Fish Games for Android and iOS devices in 2019. Combining world-building and merging game like sosomod mechanics creates the game’s distinctive gameplay structure.

As part of the game, you’ll travel to EverMerge, a fantastical world populated by characters from your favorite stories. While it may sound exciting, the players are on a quest to learn what caused the mysterious fog to descend upon the area.

What Are The Magic Crystals For in EverMerge?

EverMerge Magic Crystal

As long as you have a magic crystal evermerge, you can use it to replace any missing part in a merge. Using a magic crystal, you can combine your four wagons into one and make it appear like you have five.

In this procedure, the evermerge magic crystals are used up. Two Magic Crystals require 33 Crystal Splinters, while one Magic Crystal requires only 20. Making two at once is a huge time saver.

Four Sizes Are Available For EverMerge Magic Crystals:

  • Splinter
  • piece
  • Crystal
  • Magic crystal

What Does The Magic Crystal Do In EverMerge?

A magic crystal in evermerge might be your savior if you struggle to make something bigger out of just two parts. If you possess two apple sprouts and want to grow a tree from them, you can do so by dragging a magic crystal over them; the sprouts will merge into a single tree.

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Where To Find EverMerge Crystals?

Main Island

EverMerge Magic Crystal

On the main island, you can acquire magic crystals by exploring chests, clearing out enemies, and looting castles. Tier 1 costs 75 coins, while a fully functional Tier 4 costs 195 gems.

Creature Events

Occasionally, during creature events, chests will contain magical crystal shards. You can’t take these mystical stones back to the mainland; they’ll vanish once the festival ends.

Magic Crystal Chain

  • Crystal shard.
  • A piece of crystal.
  • Crystal.
  • Magic crystal.

Getting Crystal Shards

  • Shop around and get the best deal.
  • Activating powerful treasure chests.
  • Activating Cost-Free Ruby Chests.
  • Removal of hurdles like trees and rocks.
  • It’s not wasteful to clean.


The magic crystals in evermerge are the most potent item in EverMerge. A fully formed Magic Crystal is extremely rare and serves as a “joker” item that may be substituted for the missing piece of any combination. If used properly, the Magic Crystal’s potential is unrivaled, whether you must replace a high-level character item to advance to the next hero or miss a Grand House to complete a mansion.

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