EverMerge Event Schedule; Must Know About EverMerge Events


This article covers the past, present, and predicted future EverMerge Event Schedule, has been started in April 2020. Only the most significant events offer “magical” rewards at various levels. The following is a detailed list of available events. I this blog we will discuss about EverMerge Event Schedule; Must Know About EverMerge Events.

EverMerge Event Schedule

EverMerge Event Schedule
  • Main Game Events
  • Seasonal events
  • Island (off-world) Events

Types of Events

  • 24-hour events
  • 2 or 3-day events
  • Seasonal event
  • 1 or 2 months of non-seasonal events

Details About EverMerge Event Schedule

EverMerge Event Schedule

1. 24 Hour Events

Although these events typically occur the day before a large event, they can occur anytime.

  • Fast Farming
  • Golden Timers
  • Energized Gnomes
  • Enchanted Pixies
  • Power Build
  • Merge Rush

2. 2 or 3-Day Events

These are the weekly updates to the most important events, occurring every other Tuesday and Saturday. You’ll need to know your local time to predict when events will happen accurately.

Main Island

  • Gnome Rush
  • Magic Rush

3. Mystery Island

  • Pegasus Island / Olympic Day Island
  • Unicorn Rush
  • Flooficore Island
  • Phoenix Island
  • Golden Ram Island
  • Dire Wolf Island
  • Flying Monkey Island
  • Nessie Island

4. Seasonal Events In The EverMerge Event Schedule

These events repeat every year. The current season has no noteworthy events.

  • Spring Bloom
  • Tropical Beach Party
  • Autumn Winds
  • Winter Chill

5. 1 or 2 Months Non-Seasonal Events

In contrast to seasonal events, these often only endure a couple of months. Currently, there is no event that is not a seasonal one.

  • Wild Blossom
  • Garden Gnome
  • Topiary

Popular Events In The EverMerge Event Schedule

As the game progresses, new, time-limited events will begin. Because some of these occur repeatedly, precautions can be taken in advance. Large-scale campaigns sometimes feature unique islands and collections of limited-time merchandise. The game aims to give players as much time as possible to maximize their prizes.

Treasure Hunt; Fantastic Event In The EverMerge Event Schedule

Treasure Hunt

It’s automated, lasts only a day, and is quite cool. Your primary objective in this promotion is to perform chest-opening actions as quickly as feasible. The greater your rate of opening them, the sooner you’ll complete the round and advance in the competition. Purple orbs containing loot are awarded for the opening of chests. There are 30 event points available on every sphere on stage. The likelihood of finding a purple item increases in proportion to the cost of the chest you open. Opening 40 gold chests will end the event.

Gnomes in the House

The event aims to unite and build “Stone” tapas. In-game, for every move you make, you’ll get experience points (15-300, depending on the total level of the goods used). You receive increasingly valuable rewards in exchange for making it through each level. The convention runs for two full days.

It’s important to remember that points are reset to zero at the beginning of each promotion tier and do not carry over from tier to tier. Therefore, let’s say you’ve finished the first round and advanced to the second; nevertheless, you won’t be able to carry over the 30 points you earned from that round because you’ve already been awarded a prize for them.

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Phoenix Island

This event has two distinct phases. Time frame: three days. You can end the event permanently after scoring 10,000 points. As part of the promotion, you must complete five chains consisting of the following elements:

  • Flower Torch
  • Cactus
  • Fire Flower
  • Magic Berry
  • Phoenix.

Prepare the ground by removing lava and joining the phoenix eggs that eventually fall from the torch flower. After clearing the lava, combine chests up to level 2. You can exchange any merged promotional products throughout the event for phoenix eggs. After that, unlock everything on the island and link its chests to the third floor.

Magic Unicorns

Magic Unicorns

Earning 10,000 points and using around 4,000 units of energy is required to complete all stages. To succeed, you must amass the following sequences of components during the event:

  • Unicorn.
  • Magic flower.
  • Mushroom.
  • Magic lamp.
  • Diamond tree.

First, you must clear sharply, empty the chests and unicorns, and combine things from the “Diamond Tree” chain. At the event’s outset, any association gives “Rainbow essences – spheres,” but later, only chests do.

The Submarine Event: How to Play?

  • You should start by building a submarine force.
  • Boats like submarines need fuel to function. Remove roadblocks and unlock chests to find fuel.
  • After being refueled, a submarine may go to great depths. Ready your watch for when a submarine surfaces again. It will be carrying precious treasure.
  • Combine the gold from the Clam Chests into a Golden Ruin. After the finish of the event, the Golden Ruin will send out seven presents, one every day for a week.

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