EverMerge Discoveries; Discoveries Book Rewards & More


The EverMerge Discoveries menu gives you the ability to browse among the many characters and other content that you have unlocked. Be careful to visit the Discoveries page whenever you find a new object or character, as you will be rewarded with a gift box. To get your reward, touch on the gift.

EverMerge Discoveries Book

EverMerge Discoveries

This book has all that you can earn in the game, from character and castle construction to cash, events, and unique garden elements. It includes:

  • Storybook Characters
  • Castles
  • Resources
  • Castle Sources
  • Chests
  • Currencies And Rare Items
  • Event exclusive Items
  • EverMerge Discoveries Book Rewards

Details About EverMerge Discoveries Book

EverMerge Discoveries

1. Storybook Characters

In this tab, the playable characters are waiting for their unlock. You can examine the last six layers needed to unlock every Disney Princess from Sleeping Beauty to White Rabbit. These character descriptions provide a quick overview of the main cast when enabled.

2. Castles

This tab lists all castles to earn, from Sleeping Beauty’s Wood Branch to Merlin’s Laboratory Branch. The challenge of building castles for each character will increase as you get access to more of them. Therefore, whereas it only takes 9 levels to construct Sleeping Beauty’s castle, it takes a massive 15 levels to construct Merlin’s.

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However, as of update 1.14, neither Mulan nor White Rabbit has castles in the findings book. If you choose a castle and then click the information button on the level bar, you’ll see how many points you’ll earn from each item in that castle.

3. Resources

You may access all the materials you’ve collected thus far in this option. There are five layers of every resource, from candies to dragon fruit. The game’s resources evolve with the seasons to keep players interested.

4. Castle Sources

You may merge planters in this tab. From these, you may obtain the standard Items combined in the various castle levels.

5. Chests


This option lets you view all the treasure boxes you’ve opened.

6. Currencies And Rare Items

This tab includes the following:

  • Wands
  • Coins
  • Rubies
  • Magic Crystals
  • Gnomes
  • Magic Plants
  • Beehives
  • Ladybugs.

7. Event Exclusive Items

You may view all the various plants and accessories at each event in this menu—the Diamond Tree to a Tombstone or a Wooden Toy. At the bottom, you’ll find a list of all the special Chests available throughout the event.

8. EverMerge Discoveries Book Rewards

You may earn coins by exploring and discovering new areas of the world, and you’ll get even more coins as you progress through the book.

EverMerge Discoveries Book Rewards

Here you’ll get:

  • Characters Tab
  • Castles Tab
  • Harvesting Tab
  • Resources Tab
  • Chests Tab
  • Currency Tab
  • Events Tab

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