EverMerge Chests; A Complete Guide on Chests & Bags


EverMerge Chests are a great place to store valuables. Combining chests is the same as combining any other object. Therefore you can create larger chests with more loot by doing so.

When doing a chest merge, only combine chests from the same tree. Simply navigate to your Discoveries and select the chests tab to view the chest’s branching path. The chests belonging to each branch should be visible.

Types of EverMerge Chests

EverMerge Chests

1. Temporary Stock Chests

Such containers are not available after the event has ended or the promotion period has ended. If you still have any of these receptacles, you should know you won’t need them much longer. Instead of pulling until the very end, opening multiple chests at once or merging them is preferable.

2. Resource EverMerge ChestsĀ 

These items reveal the useful materials used in their creation. Bricks and stones for construction are the rewards for opening a stone chest. Along with the primary materials, they also provide access to supplemental Hero’s Toolkit components. Up to the maximum level, you can combine such chests. However, you should immediately begin opening objects if your time is running out before the castle’s highest pumping.

3. Free Daily Chests

Such containers are sold in the “Special” market section. You can use coins, bronze, and ruby dust in your recipes without spending money. When they’re out and about, they occasionally find parts that will go into making the present-day character.

4. Food Bags

Mystic Island is the only place where these bags will open. They hold the foundation of the feeding system. Take the case of a strawberry seed that develops into a berry. In the Mystic Island marketplace, you can find them.

5. Seed Bags

These occur in resources extremely infrequently. They have seeds in them that can be used in cooking. You can immediately access the contents of these chests because they do not combine.

EverMerge Builder Chest; How To Collect EverMerge Chests?

  • Collect resource objects like wood and corals.
  • Collect mines.
  • Get castle prizes.
  • Gain free daily chest.
  • Get free promotional chests with temporary resources.
  • Passing some stages of events.
  • View in-game advertisements.
  • Daily complimentary food bag.

You can get more loot from a chest if it’s higher. Remember that chests only drop items of the same level as the chest. If you open a chest in a level 3 mine, you will receive a rainbow pearl; in other words, you will not need to collect a certain number of pearls to unlock that chest.

The number of items in the chest also grows as its level rises. There are two or three items in a chest of level one and fifteen in a chest of level three.

Buy Chests If You Don’t Have Anything To Merge


At some point in the game, you may find no more mergeable items on the island. If so, you can purchase the chest from the market by tapping the market button and viewing the available EverMerge chest and other deals. Purchasing the chests will cost coins or gems. By default, EverMerge provides you with a sizable chest every few hours. Besides that, you can buy whatever you want with gold coins and gems. To view the chance of receiving an item from a card deal, tap the I icon in the screen’s top right corner.


We covered how to use chests in EverMerge to acquire a player character in the game quickly. They’ll also be essential in completing the story’s objectives. Reading the quest text is important to avoid confusion about the chest level needed.

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