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Convenience Stories Mod APK puts players in charge of managing all the convenience store operations as they can easily add new products and hire more employees. Convenience Stories is a management game where players will own a convenience store and find ways to attract more customers to buy.

The number of products you can sell can increase over time by discovering or adding fixtures. At the same time, cooperative activities are not to be missed, and you need employees to help you run the store.

App Information:

App Name Convenience Stories
Latest Version 1.2.3
Download Size 38 MB
Publisher Kairosoft
Category Simulation
File Info Premium Unlocked
Price Free

What are Convenience Stories

Convenience Stories has trademarked visuals and adheres to programmer simulator norms from Kairosoft. Players will have the opportunity to showcase their store operating abilities this time. And the players themselves will choose what it is. They will determine the direction of progress, specialization, and consumer attraction.

Completing the job you choose is the most thrilling due to the enormous range of opportunities, alternatives, and considerations, which will be filled with issues and the pursuit of answers. This makes such pleasure particularly alluring to those who enjoy imaginative games.

Convenience stories apk
What are Convenience Stories

Kairosoft convenience Stories Apk [Gameplay]

Convenience Stories may be an infinite game, but you are not. As a business person, you will be in charge of enhancing the convenience store’s image. Your company objectives go beyond expanding one store. You must instead figure out how to create a series of convenience stores. Your business has a modest size and is pretty primitive at the start of the game. Only the necessities, which are not many, are for sale.

The game’s mission concept will teach you how to grow your business and maximize your profits. You should hire more personnel if the store has established a solid reputation and a thriving business. This team will support store operations and user service. Generally speaking, you need to have a clever business plan if you want to benefit much from your store.

Convenience Stories Apk No Mod [Features 2023]

1. Recruit Extra Personnel To Run The Shop

You cannot direct and oversee every activity in the shop by yourself. For instance, as your shop grows, so does the inventory you must maintain. So that you can operate the store better, you have to hire additional employees. When you’re not there, they’ll help your shop make money. The amount you pay the personnel will vary based on their level of expertise. To maximize sales, you can consider the personnel required per business.

2. Combat Against Rivals

Convenience stories
Combat Against Rivals

Your network of convenience stores is not the only one in this region. There will be a lot of convenience stores that interact directly with you. Each convenience shop in Convenience Stories will use a specific marketing plan to get people in. Pick the ideal ones for your store after consulting them about how they conduct trade. Don’t miss to improve and beautify your shop so that more people get familiar with you. Ensure that consumers always put your shop first, in particular. Consider your store’s expansion, valuation, and quality control procedures for each item you sell.

3. Control A Convenience store with Thought

The player in Convenience Stories will be led to a luxury shop where they may barter products for cash with onlookers. In addition, you become aware of how difficult it is to manage this convenience shop because there are so many things to consider, like the decorations, the staff, the clientele, and numerous others. Gamers can therefore utilize their judgment to choose the best course for their growth.

Gamers may observe what’s happening within their quick shop from a broad viewpoint while they engage. They will be aware of the store’s patronage and staff productivity. They may simultaneously observe the shop’s surroundings separated into several areas they can discover while adding a new piece. Of course, you’ll have to utilize the space in your business effectively.

4. To Attract Girls, Add New Offerings.

The quantity of fittings you possess is one of the things that keeps a convenience store open in Convenience Stories. When new lighting is installed, you’ll attempt to increase the store’s impact, and they’ll undoubtedly aid in your efforts to increase sales and revenue. The effect of the new items will be noticeable. In addition, you can offer recently found meals at the stand. There are several ways to adjust the layout of your convenience shop progressively; the quantity of lights is not set. You may market a wide range of goods, including literature, sweets, beverages, and many more. Several methods exist to access additional fittings, including haggling with other manufacturing businesses or doing it yourself. Your gains from this agreement will be numerous.

The bargaining process becomes pretty straightforward when you can contact many companies and learn the success you can attain. Additionally, you may affect this proportion with other activities, which you should carefully consider; after all of it is effective, you must now relax. The delivery guy will emerge in front of you after a short delay, and as a sign of collaboration, you will undoubtedly be given something like a peg.

5. Seek out Personalities To Oversee The Store

Convenience stories mod apk
Seek out Personalities To Oversee The Store

You manage every aspect of operating a convenience store in Convenience Stories, and the staff you select ensures everything runs properly. You’ll naturally receive a large amount of cash in series, and you’ll want to ensure someone is working every round. When you can’t keep the business vacant, and you can quickly hire more staff, it is sensible and essential for gamers.

The process of adding staff is relatively straightforward. You recruit additional people, and after a while, you will have to pay a certain sum of money for their salaries. The program will also assign you to work long shifts, and you may add additional people to present when you wish to increase revenue. You’ll be drawn in when you observe a convenience shop running well.

6. Efficient long-term Marketing

You must sustain your competitive advantage over the long run and impress people to earn income. It can be accomplished in several ways, including hiring new staff members and deftly juggling their shifts as fast stores are open constantly. You must teach your workers how to be more effective in the long run. To ensure everybody is well-served and that all requirements are satisfied, you educate them through brief activities and show them how to maintain the stock complete and diverse. Take the opportunity to meet clients’ needs so that they will return time and time. The most crucial aspect of the convenience store business model is converting existing customers into prospective customers or even devoted ones.

Convenience stories mod
Efficient long-term Marketing

7. Being Engaged In All Areas

Visitors are the store’s product, the lifeblood that keeps it growing, and, eventually, the network of businesses. But you cannot satisfy customer demands if your product line is not both extensive and of high quality. There will be a moment when you must balance your assets and lead the charge. Bargain with vendors, look for new, improved products at fair pricing, broaden store distribution networks, outperform rivals, and acquire consumer sources. You gradually evolve into the most prosperous company in the nation.

8. Broaden The Business’s Horizons     

You will keep your company’s brief and long achievements and advance your marketing strategy. Beat rival companies, control the city’s convenience store industry, and grow your company by building new outlets in various locations. Finally, it will grow to be the biggest and most prosperous convenience store chain in the nation, recognized for its broad selection of goods, endless supply, excellent services, and amiable, nimble employees.

Convenience Stories mod apk [Mod Features]

  • Unlimited Rewards
  • Unlimited Ideas
  • Unlimited Money

Convenience Stories For Android [Installation Guide]

  • Use the download button above to get the Convenience Stories version (original APK or MOD).
  • Next, open “settings” on your device and turn on the option to let Unknown sources. This enables MOD features to function on your device.
  • To begin the installation process, click the downloaded file.
  • By clicking on the game’s icon after installation is complete, you can start playing straight away.


You’ll take control of the national industry providing convenience stores services. Your ultimate, high objective is that. Your company’s growth is not simple; it costs you money, patience, and a lot of work.

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