Catmouse Not Working how to fix Catmouse no data issue 2023


If you are facing a Catmouse not working issue, then you do not need to worry about it. Because in this article, we will guide you step by step through all problems and their solutions to the Catmouse apk Not working issue. So explore the whole article to learn how to fix Catmouse not working issue. 

Not Working Error PC is Due to 1. Updating the issue of Catmouse.
2. Unstable Internet Connection
Not Working on Android Due to 1. Caches in mobile data.
2. Using two versions at a time.
3. Your device is not linked with a VP

1. How to fix Catmouse not working on pc

Catmouse not working issue on pc would be due to some common errors listed below.

  • Updating Error in pc
  • Internet connection is unstable 

1. How to fix when the Catmouse not working?

It is a common error in almost all android apps. There is simply one answer to get rid of this issue. You must update the app to its latest available version on the Google play store or App store.

  • Move to the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Check for the latest version available.
  • If the latest version will avail, Click on the Update option.

2. How to fix Catmouse unstable internet issues?

  • Check your internet device is working properly.
  •  Check your mobile data/wifi connection.
  • Off your mobile data or turn it on again.
  • After this, your issue will be solved, and the Catmouse apk will work properly on your devices.

2. How to Fix Catmouse no data on android?

It is due to the following errors:

  • Caches in mobile data.
  • Using the same version at a time.
  • You need a VPN

1. How to clear cache in android

  • Open the Catmouse apk on your device.
  • Go to the App “settings.”
  • then select “Providers and Resolvers.”
  • Then enable the “tv show provider” option.
  • Clear all caches from the top of the settings.
  • Now you have cleared all the caches from your device.
  • Now the Catmouse apk will work properly on your android device.

2. Must use a VPN

If, after clearing all the caches from the android device, the Catmouse is still not working properly. So, in this situation, you must link a VPN to your android device. We are 100%sure that enabling the VPN to your device will work properly on android. The best VPN is Ipvanish.

3. How to fix the Catmouse apk unknown errors?

 If you are finding an unknown error in the Catmouse apk. Then you carry on doing these items to solve the Error.

  • Your apparatus is not agreeing with the latest version.
  • Move back to the old version of the Catmouse.

After these following steps, it will work properly on your device.

4. How to fix Catmouse not working on Firestick?

If you are facing a catmouse not working issue on the Firestick device. So, in this case, you try your best alternative like;


Catmouse is the best video streaming app in the online world. But sometimes it shows some unknown errors. Not working issue is the most common Error in all android apps. So you do not need to worry about this when you are in this condition, such as when facing a problem in the latest Catmouse apk latest version.

But in this article, we informed you of all known or unknown errors with their solution. We expect you will enjoy this post. If you have another issue with this awesome application, join us in the comment area beneath. We will attempt our finest to crack your problem.

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