Boom Beach Mod APK Attack & Defense Strategies [Free Gems]


You are on the right page if you are looking for the Boom Beach Mod APK. You can easily downloadBoom Beach Mod APK unlock all characters from our download link with all premium features unlocked. It is the mod version of the latest version of the Boom Beach premium game in which you can enjoy all the premium features of the official game for free and without advertisement.

App Information

App Name Boom Beach Mod Apk
Latest Version 46.79
Download Size 128 MB
Check all unlock games MODs
Price Free
File Info All Unlocked (AD-Free)

So explore the whole article for more information about the Boom Beach Mod APK Unlock 2023. We will guide you with the mod version’s easy downloading and installing process. Let’s come down and read the whole article to know more about Boom Beach Mod APK unblocked.

What is Boom Beach Mod APK?

Boom Beach Mod APK will give you a lot of diamonds, which are quite helpful for the duration of the game and will save your life if any of your men are slain. The Mod version gives you enough cash to utilize in the game, which will help if you require additional weapons and equipment to defend against the enemy.

Boom Beach Mod APK

Boom Beach Mod Features

1. Build Boom Beach Headquarters

There are a lot of gorgeous islands to explore in Boom Beach Mod APK. You may take over The Island and use it as your base of operations. Conquering the islands may be exciting, and building your headquarters there can be great fun. The visual appeal and replay value of this game are high. If you take over the island, it can serve as your new base of operations.

Boom Beach Mod APK

2. Join Millions of Gamers

Playing online allows you to play the game with your mates and other players worldwide. In this game, you may engage in battles with more than a million other players. So, you can enjoy this Boom Beach Mod APK game online with millions of other gamers worldwide.

3. Create Buildings & Resources

After capturing an island, you may create various structures, including marketplaces, factories, industries, homes, etc. You can construct resources and structures by your preferences and needs. This game is quite imaginative. You may showcase your inventiveness by creating your own resources, market industries, and dwellings in this game.

Boom Beach Mod APK

4. Make Your Armies & Defense Strong

You can create powerful and impressive art by selecting your best tractors and troops. To make your Army strong to protect your city more effectively. You can choose the ideal and most powerful character from the game. Making your own Army in the game adds to its pleasure and excitement.

Boom Beach Mod APK

5. Get Resources & Upgrade Your Armies

In this game, you may improve your Army. To make your defense system stronger and safer from foes and opponents, you may improve your Army and increase its capabilities and powers. By obtaining the resources you obtain from the victory and the combat, you may strengthen the capabilities of your Army.

6. Weekly Events & Get Rewards

This incredible game features a plethora of regular weekly and monthly events. You engage in this game daily only to check the daily missions and events because it is compelling. In this game, there are a ton of incentives and prizes. You receive a ton of rewards and prizes for finishing and participating in the weekly event.

Boom Beach Mod APK

7. Missions To Defeat The Blackguard

Boom Beach begins with missions. When you learn their sinister plans, defeat the Blackguards in different stages. Beat the game’s spectacular bosses. You may also tour the enormous tropical archipelago with no limits. Take on another tremendous challenge and discover the Life Crystals’ unique abilities.

Boom Beach Mod APK

8. Free To Play

Yet despite all the fun features, everyone who plays Android games may presently play this one for free. Because of this, installing it on your mobile devices is simple. You can download Boom Beach Mod APK for free from the “Download” button provided above.

9. Excellent Graphics & Sound Effects

Immerse yourself in Boom Beach’s action-packed raids and strategy game fights while you play. The game will make you feel as though you’re truly caught up in the fierce conflicts thanks to its stunning locations, awesome-looking units, structures, and strong visual effects. Also, playing the game on your smartphone will be more enjoyable, thanks to the enhanced visuals.

Visual & Sound Quality

10. BattleShip Gameplay

This game has a warfare mode that you may enjoy. By selecting the game’s bravest and most powerful heroes, you must build your own Army and engage in combat to prevail. Since it’s an online game, you will have to face foes from all over the world, and enjoying the battleship gameplay mode will be a lot of fun.

BattleShip Gameplay

11. Destroy The Beast

In this game, a big beast that has taken many people prisoner and plans to consume their meat is the only obstacle that will provide you with trouble. You must defeat the enormous behemoth and defend the populace from his cruelty.

12. Fight With The Enemy

You may use your most formidable Army against virtual foes in Boom Beach Mod APK. With all the weapons, you can win fights with your Army. These weapons are also available for purchase from the stock. By increasing their power, you may improve your Army and weaponry to save your city from attacks.

Boom Beach Mod APK

13. Boom Beach Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

You may use the game’s endless supply of diamonds to your advantage in any of the game’s many areas; doing so may even save your life. The Mod version gives you plenty of money to buy army weapons.

Unlimited Diamonds

How To Get Free Gems For Boom Beach?

The legitimate way to obtain gems in Boom Beach is by purchasing them through the in-game store using real money. However, you can also earn gems through daily rewards, events, and achievements in the game. You can also join a Task Force and participate in Operations, rewarding you with Power Stones that can be exchanged for various rewards, including gems.

Boom Beach Attacks Strategy

Boom Beach Mod APK is a mobile strategy game that requires players to attack enemy bases to gather resources and expand their base. Here are some Boom Beach attack strategies to help you be successful in your attacks:

Boom Beach Attacks Strategy

1. Scout the enemy base

Before launching an attack, it’s important to scout the enemy base to identify the location of defenses, mines, and enemy troops. It will help you plan your attack and choose the right troops.

2. Choose the right troops

Different troops have different strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to choose the right troops for the job, depending on the defenses and obstacles in the enemy base.

3. Flank the defenses

Instead of attacking the defenses head-on, try to flank them by attacking from the sides or the rear. It will help you avoid direct fire from defenses and can also distract enemy troops.

4. Use a mix of troops

You should use a mix of troops to attack the enemy base. It will help you overcome any weaknesses in the defenses and also provide cover for each other.

Boom Beach Mod APK

5. Use smoke screens

Smoke screens can help cover your troops from enemy defenses and confuse enemy troops.

6. Destroy the headquarters

The ultimate objective of any attack is to destroy the enemy headquarters. Make sure you focus your attacks on the headquarters and try to take out any defenses protecting it.

7. Save Gunboat energy

Use your energy strategically to support your troops during the attack. Try to save enough energy to use at crucial moments in the attack.

Following these strategies can increase your chances of a successful attack on Boom Beach. Remember, it’s important to be patient and carefully plan your attacks to succeed.

Boom Beach Defense Strategies

Boom Beach is a popular mobile strategy game that requires players to defend their base from enemy attacks while attacking enemy bases to gather resources and expand their base. Here are some Boom Beach defense strategies to help you defend your base effectively:

Boom Beach Mod APK

1. Upgrade your defenses

The first and foremost thing you should do is upgrade your defenses. The higher the level of your defenses, the stronger they will be against enemy attacks.

2. Use a mix of defenses

You should use a mix of defenses, such as sniper towers, mortars, machine guns, flamethrowers, and cannons. It will make it harder for your enemies to breach your defenses.

3. Place your defenses strategically

You should place your defenses, so they cover all the possible entry points of the enemy. Also, try to keep your defenses closer to your headquarters.

4. Keep your defenses spread out

Don’t cluster all your defenses together, as this will make them vulnerable to area damage from enemy artillery and airstrikes.

Boom Beach Mod APK

5. Use mines and boom mines

Mines and boom mines can significantly damage enemy troops, so be sure to use them strategically around your base.

6. Upgrade your Headquarters

Upgrading your Headquarters will not only give you access to better defenses but also increase the health of your buildings and the damage output of your defenses.

7. Keep an eye on your defenses

You should regularly check them to ensure they are working properly and are not destroyed or damaged. Repair them immediately if needed.

8. Join a task force

Joining a task force will give you access to more resources and help you defend your base better.

By following these strategies, you can increase your chances of defending your base successfully in Boom Beach.

How To Use Boom Beach Creator Code?

Boom Beach’s Creator Code program allows players to support their favorite content creators by using their Creator Code when making in-game purchases. It helps support the content creator and provides a small bonus to the player.


To use a Creator Code in Boom Beach, follow these steps:

  • Open the game and go to the in-game shop.
  • Click on the “Support a Creator” button.
  • Enter the Creator Code of the content creator you want to support.
  • Make an in-game purchase, and the content creator will get a portion of the revenue 

Each Creator Code is unique, and you can find them by visiting your favorite content creator’s social media pages or website. Some content creators share their Creator Codes directly in their Boom Beach videos or streams.


Boom Beach Mod APK is a fantastic game that will entertain you for hours. You’ll have a great time, and you won’t be able to stop playing this game. You may enjoy this game in your free time and never want to stop playing it. For those who enjoy playing combat and Battleship games, it’s a must-play. This game’s extremely three-dimensional and potent visuals add to how engaging and enjoyable it is.

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