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App Information:

App Name Boom Beach APK
Latest Version 46.79
Downoad Size 133 MB
Publisher showforapk
Category Strategy
Price Free
Downloads 50 M+
Game Developer Supercell
Initial Release Date March 26, 2016
Sporting Platforms Android, IOS & IPadOS

What is Boom Beach APK?

Boom Beach APK will bring you to islands and seas, where you may construct your headquarters and organize your troops. To grow strong and be able to harm your foes seriously, you must conquer as many islands as you can.

You will be responsible for all of your soldiers, and you must ensure they have no difficulties while residing on your island. You must gather adequate resources, weapons, and supplies to make life simple and with fewer obstacles.

Boom Beach APK


In the mobile-style game Boom Beach, players must construct and protect their bases while attacking those of their opponents. Collecting resources like wood, stone, and iron is a key part of the gameplay because these materials are needed to create and improve defenses and buildings.

Also, players may manage and train soldiers, which they can then deploy and enhance to assault rival bases or protect their own.

Boom Beach APK

A mechanism for matching players with opponents with comparable skill levels for PvP encounters is also included in the game. Players may fight the malicious Blackguard and free the captive islanders with the single-player campaign.

Scheduled events and the collaborative Task Force feature enhance the social and competitive components of the game. Boom Beach’s gameplay combines real-time fights that call for skill, tact, and coordination with strategy, strategic planning, and other elements.

Boom Beach APK Android Features

1. Base Building


Players may build and enhance their bases using materials like wood, stone, and iron. The bases have sniper towers, mortars, artillery, sawmills, and iron mines.

2. Boom Beach Surprise Shock

Boom Beach’s Surprise Shock is a potent ability that players may use to quickly and heavily destroy an opponent’s defenses. It is a variation of the Shock Bomb, a common power in the game.

3. Massive Attack Boom Beach APK


Players can use a Huge Attack to do tremendous damage across a wide area on an opponent’s defense. It is a different version of the game’s normal power, Barrage.

4. PvP Battles

Players can fight other players to gather resources and advance in the game. The game has a matching mechanism that puts players against foes with comparable levels of expertise.

5. Boom Beach Base Builder

It is an external feature of Boom Beach, accessed outside the game. In the Base Builder, players can submit designs for new Blackguard Bases. They can then test and share these layouts with a Gallery, where other players can view and react to them.

6. Task Forces; Boom Beach APK For Android

Task Forces

Users can join or form Task Forces with other gamers to engage in interactive missions and gain prizes. The tasks call for cooperation and collaboration, and the prizes might include rare materials and power-ups.

7. Boom Beach Statues

Statues are a key feature in Boom Beach that provides various player benefits. They can be obtained using power stones and earned by completing certain achievements and events in the game.

8. Events

Boom Beach APK

The game has recurring events that present players with special difficulties and rewards. Events that encourage participants to compete against one another to receive prizes can range from everyday tasks to monthly events.

9. Single-Player Campaign

Gamers can engage in a solo campaign to fight the villainous Blackguard and free the captive islanders. There are multiple objectives throughout the campaign, each with varying rewards and levels of difficulty.

10. Boom Beach APK Warships

Boom Beach APK

As of 2019, a new mode called Warships became available in the game. In Warships, users may construct and improve their fleet of ships and engage in real-time combat with other players.

Boom Beach Characters

Boom Beach APK
  • Rifleman
  • Heavy
  • Zooka
  • Warrior
  • Tank
  • Medic
  • Grenadier
  • Scorcher
  • Cryoneer
  • Sergeant Brick 
  • Doctor Kavan 
  • Captain Everspark 
  • Private Bullit 
  • Lieutenant Hammerman 
  • Dr. Terror (Dr. T.) 
  • Colonel Gearheart 
  • Villagers 
  • Native Islanders 
  • Trader

Boom Beach Wikipedia

Boom Beach APK

1. Boom Beach Landing Craft

Landing crafts are a type of troop transport in Boom Beach used to deploy troops to attack enemy bases. They are essential for launching successful attacks in the game, as they allow players to transport and deploy their troops directly onto the enemy base.

The order of upgrades in Boom Beach can vary depending on the player’s priorities and play style. But some common upgrade priorities can help players progress more efficiently.

2. Boom Beach Tank

Boom Beach Tank

Tanks are powerful and heavily armored ground-based troops in Boom Beach that are used to attack enemy bases. They are one of the strongest troops in the game, capable of absorbing large amounts of damage and dealing significant damage to enemy defenses.

3. Boom Beach Private Server

Third-party game developers establish and operate private servers. Boom Beach gamers may enjoy the game and its features without using the official server, thanks to the creation of private servers.

4. Boom Beach Grenadiers

Boom Beach Grenadiers

Grenadiers are ranged troops in Boom Beach that are effective against enemy defenses and grouped enemy troops. They throw explosive grenades that deal area damage, making them especially useful against clusters of enemy structures or troops.

5. Boom Beach Operations

Operations are a multiplayer game mode in Boom Beach where players team up to attack and destroy enemy bases. In this mode, players work together to complete increasingly difficult missions, earn rewards and advance through the game’s ranks.

6. Boom Beach Rocket Rain

Boom Beach Rocket Rain

Players can unlock and upgrade the Rocket Rain ability as they progress through the game. When used, it will unleash a barrage of rockets onto a targeted area, dealing significant damage to any enemy defenses within the area of effect.

7. Boom Beach Mortar

The Mortar is a defensive structure in Boom Beach designed to fire explosive shells at enemy troops within its range. It is one of the most powerful defensive structures in the game and can significantly damage groups of troops.

8. Boom Beach Cryo Bomb

Cryo Bomb

The Cryo Bomb can be especially useful when attacking enemy bases, temporarily disabling enemy defenses and troops. This thing allows your troops to deal damage without being attacked. It can also be useful for defending your base, as it can buy you time to reinforce your defenses or evacuate your troops.

9. Boom Beach Dr. T

Dr. T is a recurring enemy in Boom Beach who appears in the game’s events and campaigns. He is a mad scientist who commands an army of robotic soldiers and powerful weapons.


Boom Beach is a well-liked game among lovers of strategy games because it combines base construction, army management, and PvP warfare. Also, the game offers frequent updates and activities that keep players interested and delighted.

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