Exploring the Benefits of HR Support Services


HR departments are responsible for employee records management, workplace safety, and security issues, and ensuring compliance with laws and company policies. They also support employees through wellness programs, financial counseling, and disability services.

Personalized HR services allow companies to offer an experience that focuses on the individual needs of each employee. This entails providing contextual insights and connecting questions to broader company initiatives like learning, skills development, or mentorship.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

The human resources department must keep up with all the latest policies, laws, and regulations that affect employees. This is a challenge for any HR team, especially one that must balance employee issues. HR support services can help ensure that all the necessary information is available and updated in an easily accessible way for employees.

Providing employees with easy access to the answers they need is essential for job satisfaction and engagement. HR support services can also increase employee satisfaction by encouraging employees to participate in training that helps them develop their skills or achieve career goals.

Whether a business opts to contract with an HR support service vendor or set up its internal service center, it must ensure that representatives have the right tools and knowledge to answer employees’ questions. 

The best way to accomplish this is by using an omnichannel ticketing system that consolidates communication channels so HR staff can quickly identify the context of a request–like an employee’s job title, their previous support requests, and the details of any existing conflicts–to provide the most relevant response.

More Time for Strategic Planning

The HR team can focus on broader strategic company initiatives when HR operations are outsourced. This allows business leaders to understand better how HR supports company goals and objectives.

HR-shared service teams can also track and analyze key help desk metrics to identify trends requiring a more tailored support approach. For example, a request for assistance escalated to tier 2 might reveal that an employee needs more specific or in-depth information, which could lead to developing an HR training program to provide that kind of guidance.

In addition, a mature HR shared service center can create strong links between different systems and tools. For example, an HR generalist can automatically forward an employee’s request for a policy explanation to a specialist in that area. This streamlines workflow and provides a seamless experience for employees. 

The same can be done for questions that need to be referred to other departments, such as learning or finance. The resulting integrations save time and help ensure that the right people receive the required help.

Reduced Risk of Legal Issues

Many HR matters require significant expertise that’s only sometimes available in-house. HR support services can help mitigate legal issues and ensure compliance by keeping up with employment laws, regulations, and procedures.

HR professionals can also provide a valuable resource to managers on how best to treat employees fairly. This can be particularly helpful when change is afoot, such as introducing new working arrangements or restructuring teams.

When the team isn’t mired in administrative tasks, the members can focus on employee engagement and developing ways to improve the company culture. This will ultimately result in higher morale and improved retention.

HR support services can also help companies better understand and make the most of their benefits packages. This may include identifying and providing information on various options and offering enrollment support tools and educational materials. Sometimes, these representatives can also act as mediators if workplace conflicts arise. The most effective service centers often use a tiered system that escalates requests to a specialist or manager if the generalist can’t resolve the issue.

Increased Efficiency

HR staff can be overwhelmed with employee questions, requests, and issues. Having a self-service delivery model where an employee can easily access information through a knowledge base or chatbot reduces the burden on the HR department. It frees up time for more complex tasks.

However, providing the proper support requires more than just creating a portal and letting employees figure things out independently.

For example, if a common question is about how to make a PTO request, HR should create a knowledge article with step-by-step instructions.

Using an HR shared services model helps improve efficiency by eliminating the need to recruit, hire, and train dedicated HR personnel for your business’s locations or divisions. You’ll save money on salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes for specialized roles that a central service center team can handle. This enables you to focus on strategic initiatives for the business, like training, mentorship, and skill development.

Competitive Hiring and Retention

An HR team is often tasked with developing recruitment strategies, sourcing candidates, creating job adverts, and working with managers on shortlisting and interview processes. HR support services can help with these tasks and free up time for the team to focus on attracting talent and keeping employees engaged and satisfied.

Employee retention is critical, and many HR issues can directly impact this. One major issue is more employment security, leading to disengagement and turnover.

HR support services can help with this by providing tools like benefits comparisons, enrollment support, and educational materials. They can assist in developing and maintaining processes, policies, and procedures and provide resources and tools to help employees meet objectives. Self-service delivery, such as an internal knowledge base, a dedicated chatbot, or digital journeys that adapt to the needs of each employee, can also help cut out the need for HR to get involved with simple requests. This allows them to focus on the higher-value strategic work.

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