Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters: Family & Friends


The debate on the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters is over. This article will provide complete information about the Barbie doll and her parents and discuss her younger sister and friends. If you want the updated version of the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure game, a download link is available here.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters Names

  • George Roberts
  • Margaret Roberts
  • Barbie Roberts
  • Skipper Roberts
  • Stacie Roberts
  • Chelsea Roberts
  • Ken Carson
  • Teresa Rivera
  • Nikki Watkins
  • Renee Chow
  • Daisy Kostopoulos

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters: Barbie’s Parents

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters

Margaret Roberts was Barbie’s mother, while George Roberts was her father. His father is a good example to follow in Barbie’s household. In addition to letting Barbie know that childhood is difficult, he also went along with her to do many joyful things, like stargazing.

In addition to being a great mother, Barbie’s mother serves as a positive role model for the young girl. Even more impressive is the fact that she is a design innovator. She turned Roberts’ home into an environmentally and energy-friendly smart house. Barbie’s parents are everybody’s dream parents, and she may be so beautiful due to their excellence.

Barbie & Her Sisters; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Dolls

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters

1. Barbie Roberts; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Barbie

The eldest child is Barbie. She is witty, courageous, endearing, kind, and pleasant and is always friendly and never concedes to challenges. Barbie is popular not only because of her attractive appearance but also because of her winning attitude.

2. Skipper Roberts;  Skipper Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The Roberts family’s second child is Skipper Roberts. She is a technology expert skilled at building robots but also lazy, self-centered, and cynical. She occasionally disagrees with the nearly flawless Barbie because she is envious of her.

3. Stacie Roberts; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Stacie Doll

The third child in the Roberts clan is Stacie Roberts. Just twelve years old, she. She excels in both athletics and science.

4. Chelsea Roberts; Chelsea Roberts Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The Roberts family’s youngest child is Chelsea Roberts. Barbie is her favorite sibling and a cheeky youngster who enjoys pulling practical jokes.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure Characters: Barbie’s Friends

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Characters

1. Ken Carson; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Ken

Barbie’s closest mate and next-door neighbor is Ken Carson, whom she has known since they were eight. Surfing fanatic Ken performs as a guard at Oceans Extreme with his colleagues. Barbie is his crush, but he dares to confess to her.

2. Teresa Rivera; Teresa Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Teresa Rivera is a typical Latina due to her brown skin tone and Spanish-speaking features. She is skilled with technology, has created her apps, and assists Barbie in problem-solving by using algorithms.

3. Nikki Watkins; Nikki Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Nikki Watkins is a personality in the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures animated set. Desirae Whitfield does her voice. One of Barbie’s closest pals, Nikki, attends Golden Beach High with her.

Nikki exudes confidence and ingenuity. She is a talented fashion designer and ambitious artist. She dreams of running her own lifestyle company when she reaches adulthood. Nikki runs two businesses: one that delivers food and the other that walks dogs. One of Barbie’s closest pals, Nikki, gives each other a lot of encouragement.

4. Renee Chow; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Renee

Renee Chao is one of Barbie’s closest companions. She is American-Chinese and enjoys snacking whenever she wants, is a tomboy and skater, and plays basketball as her preferred sport. She debuted in 2016 and took Raquelle’s seat. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Dolls Renee has a height body shape, which is typical for the My First Barbie line.

5. Daisy Kostopoulos; Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Daisy

Barbie Robert counts Daisy Kostopoulos as one of her closest pals. Daisy is a teenager with pink hair and a curvy figure. Daisy is a lyricist, artist, and DJ who keeps a pet kitten as a friend. Of Barbie’s friends, she and Brooklyn receive the most attention.

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So now you have learned about Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure Characters. We’ve tried our best to provide enough information about Barbie’s family. We’ve also shared short scripts on Barbie’s friends and mates. Lastly, if you are interested in getting the latest version of the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures APK, Showforapk offers the best. Visit this page and grab your interest.

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