5 Creative Ways to Transform Leftover Rice into Delicious Meals


Leftover rice tends to be put into the fridge for later use which result into forgetting or just a simple heating it again. Although a very ordinary shortlist, it can be turned into gourmet treasures just by using your imagination and some kitchen basics. We will be giving about 5 creative methods to freshen up old rice and keep this delicacy in your favorites list.

Rice Pancakes: A Creative Twist:

Just blend the rice with eggs, flour, and milk to make a viscous mixture. Lastly, comprising of your favorite savory ingredients, for example, cheese, bacon, scallions can be added for that extra taste. You can use find various types of cheese from Walk In Fridge Uk, or even opt for homemade one. Turn on the stove at medium heat and take the skillet then drop some batter on the pan by spreading it out to the desired pancake shape. Cook for around 3 minutes on each side; flip the patties halfway through, and provide them with a dollop of sour cream or salsa to liven up your experience.

Rice Fritters: Crispy and Flavorful: ‘

As a first step you had better mix rice with the vegetables you like, such as finely cut bell peppers, onions and carrots. Now you add the binding agent which could be the flour or breadcrumbs plus the whisked eggs to form a cohesive mass. Add salt, pepper and your beloved herbs and spices to the mix to spice it up. Shape the batter into small balls and shallow fry until golden brown and crispy outside. When serving the scrumptious rice balls, offer a sauce of your preference alongside such as sweet chili sauce or tzatziki.

Rice Salad: Fresh and Vibrant: 

Rice left overs can be used to make cool and fad-free rice salad which is full of flavors and containing nutrients too. Mix the rice with some delightfully colored vegetables e.g. cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados. Incorporate some protein by grilling chicken, shrimp, or tofu that will make the salad richer and satisfying. Season the salad with green seasoning made from olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and your preferred herbs and spices. Mix and match all the components well and let the fresh herbs from parsley or cilantro add a zing to the dish.

Rice Stuffed Peppers: A Wholesome Meal: 

Begin by de-pithing and then submerging the peppers to the boiling water to become slightly soft and tender. In a separate bowl, blend cooked and chopped leftover rice with ground meat, for example, beef or turkey, and mix it with some vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Spice up the mixture with the spices of your own choice, for example cumin, paprika and oregano, before putting everything into the peppers that have been pre-arranged. Now cover the peppers with grated cheese and place them in the oven until the peppers have attained the desired softness and the filling is hot. 

Rice Pudding: Sweet Comfort Food: 

Put the basmati rice, milk (sweetened), vanilla extract, and cinnamon (a little) together in the cooker to make it thick and creamy. Continue to stir in any options you desire such as raisins, dried fruits, or nuts to have an additional texture and flavor complexity. In regard to rice pudding, either warm or chilled is okay, and it can be delicious when either cinnamon or honey is sprinkled on or a drizzle of honey is dropped.


The very ordinary leftovers rice certainly is a simple and unassuming ingredient, yet with the help of your imagination and creativity, it would be converted and metamorphose into an ocean of fantastic meals, which of course would tantalize your senses and will make your stomach happily full. While there are many options, from crunchy fried balls to silky rice pudding, the world is becoming more diverse and exiting when it comes to transformations. Well, if you ever feel like you have some extra rice lying in your fridge, just don’t wait to jump into a culinary trip and experiment with the endless opportunities of turning this dull product into marvelous dishes.

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